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Shaw Avenue School 

99 Shaw Avenue., Valley Stream, NY 11580

(516) 434-3700

Christopher Colarossi, Principal 

Nyree Whittaker-Roth, Assistant Principal

Ashley Lemmo, Assistant Principal 

Shaw Avenue Reopening Procedures


Shaw Avenue Elementary School was opened in 1950 as the second school of Valley Stream School District 30.  The school replaced the Rottkamp Potato Farm owned by the Rottkamp family.  For the celebration of Shaw Avenue School’s 50th anniversary in the year 2000, students, staff, parents and community members placed two time capsules in the Library Media Center.  These time capsules will be unveiled during Shaw Avenue’s 100th anniversary in the year 2050.   Shaw Avenue School now serves the northern part of this region and houses a culturally diverse student body from kindergarten to grade six.

At Shaw Avenue students receive a good educational foundation that propels them to excel academically, socially, and emotionally.  We honor our students’ learning styles by differentiating our instruction using different pedagogical strategies and modalities.

Overview of Core Instructional Program

We develop literate independent readers who are able to identify their literary genres of choice and understand that good readers read for different purposes including pleasure. To build a stronger foundation for our literacy instruction we use the Common Core Standards and the five components of a scientifically-based reading instruction in the early grades: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. As students advance through the grades we expect them to engage with literary and informational texts on a deeper level by analyzing, explaining, comparing and contrasting, integrating, evaluating, and citing supportive evidence for their arguments.  

Our students consider themselves mathematicians who can relate theoretical concepts to the real world.  We implement the Common Core Standards by asking students to engage in a variety of activities, such as:
1.    Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
2.    Reason abstractly and quantitatively
3.    Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
4.    Apply mathematics to solve everyday problems
5.    Use appropriate tools strategically

Our students are social scientists who begin to apply the scientific method in the early grades while creating their hypotheses while proving and disproving them as they progress through the years.  They learn to analyze and question peoples of the world, cultures, and institutions that surround them.  We integrate literacy skills in our curriculum and encourage students to read and write a variety of informational and non-fiction texts

Shaw Avenue School also provides all students with a richly rewarding educational experience in the areas of art, music, and computer technology. Academic excellence is expected of all students as they forge ahead in their academic pursuits

In addition to our instructional core, we offer a variety of programs at Shaw Avenue School including:
•    Two fully equipped technology labs
•    Full Day Kindergarten Center
•    Implementation of Common Core Standards Across Grade Levels
•    Social and Emotional Learning through Responsive Classroom and PBIS
•    Quest for high achieving students
•    Afterschool Academic Intervention Services
•    Co-teaching classrooms
•    Innovative Literacy Pilots


Shaw Avenue News

Two New Teachers Welcomed at September Board Meeting

Jennifer Aviles, Michel Cabral-Martin and BOE members thumbnail224940
Two new teachers to the Valley Stream District 30 took center stage during the regular board of education meeting on Sept. 20.

The spotlight once again shone on the district’s newest staff members, Jennifer Aviles, who will be a teaching assistant at Shaw Avenue School, and Michel Cabral-Martin, who will serve as a speech teacher. Mrs. Aviles holds a master’s degree in early childhood education from Grand Canyon University and recently was the coordinator of professional development at the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County. Mrs. Cabral-Martin joins the district’s cast with a wealth of experience in remedial and speech therapy, with her most recent experience working with elementary, middle and high school students. Mrs. Cabral-Martin received a master’s degree in communication sciences and disorders and speech pathology from Adelphi University.

Director of Human Resources Marcela Moran, along with fellow administrators and board of education trustees, welcomed them to The Friendly Schools.

Date Added: 9/27/2022

Shaw Avenue Students Are All About Action With Interactive Projection Technology

Students in the gym using new projection technology thumbnail224941
Students in the gym using new projection technology thumbnail224942
The start of the school year has been all about action in the Shaw Avenue Elementary School gymnasium, thanks to a new interactive projection technology that immerses students in a range of games that keep them actively learning.

The technology, Lü, transforms the gymnasium into an interactive playground. Once the lights turn on, the action begins as students are challenged to hit targets, break down a wall, identify their mood and much more, with the projected image responding to their every interaction. Global Leaders of Tomorrow are enthralled while rehearsing skills such as teamwork and social-emotional wellness. Games on the platform are also customizable, opening the opportunity to tie physical education classes with classroom curriculum as teachers can create content for students to review and practice.

“Not only are students fully immersed in physical activity, but it revolutionizes the way students learn,” said Director of Technology and 21st Century Learning Christopher Onorato. “It captures one of the most difficult learning modalities to address – kinesthetic learning.”

Date Added: 9/27/2022

New Valley Stream 30 Teachers Welcomed at August Board Meeting

New Valley Stream 30 teachers thumbnail224383

New staff members hired during the summer in Valley Stream District 30 took center stage and were given a warm welcome during the Board of Education meeting on Aug. 29.

Director of Human Resources Marcela Moran introduced the new teachers, who included Allison Cortes-Reid, April Laracuenti, Kimberly Rivera, and Torianna Simpson-O’Neal, as well as teacher assistants Shari Guzzetta, Geraldine Bollo-Goldstein, Shamela Karrim and Juanita Chung and Shaw Avenue Elementary School’s two new assistant principals, Ashley Lemmo and Nyree Whittaker-Roth.

At the meeting’s curtain call, board members also welcomed the new staff to the district.

Date Added: 9/12/2022

Valley Stream 30 Students Build and Code with Lego

Students Building With Legos thumbnail224380
Students Building With Legos thumbnail224381
Students Building With Legos thumbnail224382

Spotlights shone on students’ creations in the Lego Robotics program in Valley Stream District 30, which involved designing, building and coding robotics made of Legos.

Twenty students from all three buildings – Clear Stream Avenue, Shaw Avenue and Forest Road elementary schools – worked in three teams to construct a robot and script code that made them carry out a symphony of tasks.

In a culminating Lego Robotics Night event, parents visited to view the robotics perform and to experience a taste of the Lego Robotics competition in which the students will participate in the winter.

“Due to the success of the week, the district will also be looking to have a LEGO Robotics Night during the school year that will be structured much like the culminating event,” said Shaw Avenue teacher Timothy Rau, who facilitated the program. “We are so happy and proud of all the kids were able to accomplish.”

Date Added: 9/9/2022

Valley Stream 30 Students Are Prepared to Learn In The New Year

Students and staff in the gym thumbnail224271
Students and staff in the gym thumbnail224272
Students and teachers in their classroom thumbnail224273
Students and teachers in their classroom thumbnail224274
Students and teachers in their classroom thumbnail224275
Student holding two books thumbnail224276
Students standing in a group and smiling at the camera thumbnail224277
Hundreds of students in Valley Stream District 30 were welcomed and ushered into their respective schools on Sept. 1, ready to take on their new leading roles. It was a day filled with action as pre-kindergarteners through sixth graders met their new teachers and participated in fun first-day activities.

At Shaw Avenue Elementary School, for example, Global Leaders of Tomorrow gathered in the gymnasium as they engaged in a team building activity to strengthen their collaboration skills. Students toured with their classes at Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School to visit the school librarians, art, music and physical education teachers, as well as other specialty staff to get acclimated to their new roles and routines. In Naomi Yochai’s kindergarten class at Forest Road Elementary School, students read “The King of Kindergarten” and “The Queen of Kindergarten” by Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley-Newton before fashioning themselves as kings and queens in individual artwork.

The school year will be filled with a variety of lessons and activities which allow our Global Leaders of Tomorrow to take action as they find meaningful ways to communicate, collaborate, think critically and create with compassion.

Date Added: 9/7/2022

Shaw Avenue School Gets Two New Assistant Principals

Nyree Whittaker-Roth and Ashley Lemmo thumbnail223611

Two new members are joining the Shaw Avenue Elementary School team in Valley Stream District 30. Nyree Whittaker-Roth and Ashley Lemmo will take the reins as assistant principals for the upcoming school year.

Mrs. Whittaker-Roth and Mrs. Lemmo will serve alongside Principal Christopher Colarossi. At the Board of Education meeting on June 13, Mrs. Whittaker-Roth and Mrs. Lemmo were unanimously approved to be appointed to their positions and received a warm welcome from the community.

“We are so excited to introduce two new members of our Shaw Avenue family,” said Mr. Colarossi. “Mrs. Whittaker-Roth and Mrs. Lemmo both come to us with extensive knowledge and experience in reading and math curriculums, teacher development, technology integration, family outreach and various social and emotional supports. Most importantly, these two amazing educators are 100 percent dedicated to putting children first and helping them grow into dynamic and compassionate leaders.”

Mrs. Whittaker-Roth has 19 years of experience in education throughout New York City Schools, including serving as the Site Coordinator for the District 29 Pre-Kindergarten Center in Queens and the Instructional Coordinator for Division of Early Childhood in the Bronx. Mrs. Whittaker-Roth received a master’s degree in elementary and special education from Touro College and holds advanced certifications in school building and school district leadership and accessible literacy framework from Long Island University.

Mrs. Lemmo began her educational career in 2016 as a teacher in K131 Brooklyn District 15. She later became the special education district liaison and subsequently the literacy and special education coach for the same district. Mrs. Lemmo received a master’s degree in teaching, childhood and special education from Queens College and master’s degree in childhood mathematics from Brooklyn College. She also holds a certificate of advanced study and educational leadership from the Center for Integrated Teacher Education at the College of Saint Rose.

Date Added: 8/1/2022

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