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August 7, 2020

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Dear Valley Stream 30 Families and Staff,

As you may be aware, Governor Cuomo has announced that schools will reopen in September. Our planning for physically reopening schools is, thus, continuing

Last week the District released the Reopening Plan for the Valley Stream School District 30 (Plan posted at I shared, in my communication, that the Task Force had researched and developed three instructional models (the In-Person Model, the Remote Model and the Hybrid Model) to be considered for the reopening of schools due to the current pandemic. I also shared that a fourth instructional model (Choice Model - a combination of two of three models) would be considered once we attained further information from our staff and parent community. Surveys were to be completed by August 3rd for staff and August 5th for parents to inform anddetermine the instructional model based on input from our staff and parents. Thank you to all who completed the surveys.

Valley Stream School District 30 will open the school year with a Choice Model. Students will begin the year in the Hybrid Model or in the Remote Model. If you completed last week’s survey by the deadline date, you have secured your choice. The online commitment form (see link below) should be completed by noon on Tuesday, August 11th.

Instructional Model Commitment Form:

If you completed the survey after the August 5th deadline, the District will try to accommodate you based on when you completed the survey. Please also complete the commitment form. Our ability to offer a remote option is based on the number of parents who choose the option and the availability of staff. If you have not completed lastweek’s survey upon the reading of this communication, please complete the commitment form only; otherwise, the District will be placing your child in the hybrid model.

It’s important to know that, at any time, we may need to go 100% remote or quarantine for specific classes or schools in the event of a spike in COVID-19 cases (confirmed or presumed) in our county, schools or classes. The District will work, in collaboration with state and local agencies, to determine if and when a full closure is necessary. Our Plan must be flexible enough to operate between different modalities should the need arise.

Hybrid Model

Students attend school for in-person instruction on a rotating schedule in order to reduce the number of students in a building on a given day. When they are not in-person, they will be engaged in remote learning. This model will be assessed by the sixth week of school to determine if the students can all return to school for five days of in-person instruction pending the purchasing of barriers and rates of Covid spread in various areas.

Remote Learning Model

Teachers and students are engaged in instruction through virtual meeting platforms and asynchronistic work. Attendance will be taken daily and there is an expectation that students will be available to follow a class schedule for the day. Students will be required to remain in the remote learning model for the first trimester, which ends December 4, 2020

During the month of November, parents and staff will be surveyed again to determine to what extent changes can be made between models.

There are two other options that are available to parents:

Home Instruction Model

Students with a medical condition that prevents them from attending school are entitled to three to five (3 – 5) hours per week of remote instruction by a certified teacher after school hours. Please contact your building administrator if your child is in need of home instruction.

Home Schooling Model

You will discharge your child(ren) from the school district and take on the responsibility of educating your child, as per state guidelines. Please contact the District’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction (516-434-3607), as a waiver would be needed since the deadline date for homeschooling has passed.

Please contact your school if you have questions, need clarification or assistance with the online documents. There will be school community meetings next week, as follows:

Forest Road August 11th 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Shaw Avenue August 12th 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Clear Stream August 13th 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

The link to the meetings will be posted on the District website ( If you have any questions that you would like answered during the community meetings, please email them to the following addresses:

Forest Road:

Shaw Avenue:

Clear Stream Avenue:

Attached are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pertaining to school reopening.

Thank you all, again, for your support and understanding during these weeks of planning.



Nicholas A. Stirling, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools