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Dr. Garcia-France

Dr. Garcia-France
Superintendent of Schools


I am honored and humbled to return to Valley Stream District 30, the “friendly schools,” as the first Caribbean Hispanic female Superintendent of Schools. As the district’s former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, I played an instrumental role in creating a district-wide culture where our leaders, teachers, staff, students, and families felt a strong sense of security, belonging, and trust in their community. In the last three years, I served as the Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Services for Nassau BOCES, the largest educational cooperative in New York, which afforded me the opportunity to provide innovative, cost-effective services and programs to the fifty-six districts in Nassau County. I return to Valley Stream District 30 with expanded experiences and knowledge in the areas of strategic action planning, human resource management, marketing and public relations, career and technical education, as well as emergency response management. These combined experiences have broadened my insights into reimagining the future of education when engaging state and local officials, organizations, districts, schools, and communities.


My determined, authentic, transformational, and emotional intelligence leadership style focuses on creating innovative learning environments for leaders, teachers, staff, students, families and communities that empowers them to actualize their maximum potential. Research states one of the critical roles of leadership is inspiring stakeholders to own and live the vision of a district. The vision serves as the district’s compass "pointing the way for all who need to understand what the organization is and where it intends to go" (Nanus, 1992.) I look forward to stewarding the district's vision of "educating and inspiring our children to reach their fullest potential in becoming global leaders of tomorrow, through a celebration of diversity and collaboration with students, staff, parents, and community."

As Superintendent of Schools for Valley Stream District 30, I will lead and guide stakeholders in their pursuit of achieving the vision by cultivating a high-trust inclusive culture that challenges and empowers them to:

  • Master 21st Century leading, teaching, and learning skills
  • Learn about innovative practices from successful 21st Century exemplars
  • Celebrate their mastery of 21st Century accomplishments
  • Strengthen their social and emotional well-being
I am confident together we will ensure Valley Stream District 30 continues its legacy of providing innovative 21st Century learning experiences that inspires the next generation of Global Leaders of Tomorrow, who are known for developing equitable, inclusive, and sustainable solutions for the greater good of humanity!

Educationally yours,
Dr. Roxanne Garcia- France
Superintendent of Schools
Educating, Inspiring, and Celebrating Global Leaders of Tomorrow