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Forest Road School

16 Forest Rd., Valley Stream, NY 11581

(516) 434-3800

Erin Malone, Principal
Dara Haynesworth, Assistant Principal 


Forest Road Reopening Procedures

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the Forest Road School! We are centrally located in the beautiful and community-minded Mill Brook area of Valley Stream. We are a Kindergarten through 6th grade school and are also currently home to the district’s self-contained special education programs. We offer our student body a rigorous Common Core aligned curriculum while maintaining an emphasis on differentiation and enrichment opportunities. Our staff works diligently to ensure each student receives a quality education with priorities focused on individual growth, social-emotional development and safety.

Forest Road has enjoyed being at the center of such a wonderful community since 1953. Our children walk to school and families have the opportunity for daily interaction with our teaching staff. Our community is diverse and rich with a neighbors from many different cultures working alongside each other for the benefit of all of our children. Cultural “literacy” is not only celebrated but entrenched in our school traditions as we strive to prepare the students for success in a global world. Forest Road is proud of our many accomplishments which include a vibrant school community, strong proficiency rates on NYS assessments and interactive learning experiences for our children. There is a focus on technology use and enhancement, project-based learning, real world application of skills and personal goal setting.

Our school fosters a sense of belonging with our families and we are fortunate to have an active and involved parent base. Our PTA sponsors assemblies and events for our students which support our curriculum and our district promotes a focus on both the Fine and Performing Arts. We host a large variety of before and after school clubs targeting academic development and interest-based activities. During the school day our children and staff are supported by an outstanding group of classroom teachers and specialists in the areas of Reading, Math, ESL, Speech and Language, Enrichment/Quest and Special Education. Our Library and Computer Lab are available to the children on a consistent basis and there are numerous opportunities to explore, research and analyze information. Our classes have access to a laptop cart and the majority of our classes have ipads currently in their rooms for daily use by students. We maintain an emphasis on Physical Education and over wellness as well as providing instruction in both Music and Art. Additionally, we do have performance opportunities for students in grades 5-6 with regard to Chorus, Band and Instruments.

At Forest Road your child is our priority. We strive to be partners with our families and share a common belief that all students can, and will, learn. We value the contributions and ideas shared by our stakeholders and maintain a focus on solution-oriented discussions. It is expected that you will be an advocate for your child and help us to design a successful learning path while they are in our care. Remember to take the 2 In 10 Pledge and give at least two hours of your time over the course of a ten month school year to improve your child’s school experience.

We welcome you to share in our joys and our achievements and thank you for your trust in us.

Erin Malone

Forest Road News

Valley Stream 30 Graduates the Class of 2022

Shaw Graduates at Ceremony thumbnail223034

Sixth graders from throughout Valley Stream District 30 marked a momentous occasion when they crossed the stage under the tent at Shaw Avenue School during their respective closing exercises from June 21-23. Families, faculty and administrators gathered in the warm weather to cheer on the graduates from Clear Stream Avenue, Shaw Avenue and Forest Road schools.

All eyes were on the graduates as they stood to perform songs under the guidance of their music teachers. Board of Education trustee James Lavery congratulated the soon-to-be alumni of the district. “Be excellent in thought, in deed, in achievements and in compassion,” he said. “Every once in a while, thank the one who lit that spark in you and set you on that path.”

In his final graduation speech before his retirement, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling expressed his pride in the graduating Clear Stream class. “I truly believe our children are our future,” he said. “Our futures are bright, ladies and gentlemen. As I look at these beautiful, intelligent, diverse individuals, I know they are ready to take the next step into their future.”

“Over the last two and a half years, they’ve learned to be resilient and adaptable,” Dr. Stirling continued. “Our scholars have learned to find their strength within themselves to move forward – and that deserves a round of applause.”

Each graduate crossed the stage to receive their certificate of completion as the audience cheered. At the conclusion of each ceremony, graduates embraced with loved ones as overwhelming pride was on display.

Date Added: 6/24/2022

Forest Road Elementary School Students Say, ‘Yes, I Can’

Two people standing by a poster hanging on a fence thumbnail219064
Student holding up a sign thumbnail219065
Student holding up a sign thumbnail219066
Student holding up a sign thumbnail219067
Student holding up a sign thumbnail219068
Several special education students at Forest Road Elementary School in the Valley Stream District 30 recently participated in the Yes, I Can ceremony, aimed at showing students they can overcome any challenge they may face.

The Yes, I Can ceremony was created to remind students that if they set goals and push themselves, they are open to a world of possibilities where they can find the support they need to achieve their goals. When students say, “Yes, I can,” they are also saying, “The road may not be easy, but I will prevail.”

The Yes, I Can ceremony allowed students to share their academic and social-emotional achievements throughout the year to guests. Each student was able to share a major goal they worked on, their steps to success and the growth mindset attitude it took for them to be successful this year.

“I am so proud of all the students this year who participated in the Yes, I Can ceremony,” said special education teacher Gabriella Cunzo. “Without the students, this work would not be possible. I am overjoyed with the amount of hard work that these students have done this year. Each student learned to approach challenges with an ‘I Can’ attitude, and they continued to persevere – that is all any teacher could ever ask for.”

Date Added: 6/20/2022