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Forest Road School

16 Forest Rd., Valley Stream, NY 11581

(516) 434-3800

Erin Malone, Principal
Dara Haynesworth, Assistant Principal 


Forest Road Reopening Procedures

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the Forest Road School! We are centrally located in the beautiful and community-minded Mill Brook area of Valley Stream. We are a Kindergarten through 6th grade school and are also currently home to the district’s self-contained special education programs. We offer our student body a rigorous Common Core aligned curriculum while maintaining an emphasis on differentiation and enrichment opportunities. Our staff works diligently to ensure each student receives a quality education with priorities focused on individual growth, social-emotional development and safety.

Forest Road has enjoyed being at the center of such a wonderful community since 1953. Our children walk to school and families have the opportunity for daily interaction with our teaching staff. Our community is diverse and rich with a neighbors from many different cultures working alongside each other for the benefit of all of our children. Cultural “literacy” is not only celebrated but entrenched in our school traditions as we strive to prepare the students for success in a global world. Forest Road is proud of our many accomplishments which include a vibrant school community, strong proficiency rates on NYS assessments and interactive learning experiences for our children. There is a focus on technology use and enhancement, project-based learning, real world application of skills and personal goal setting.

Our school fosters a sense of belonging with our families and we are fortunate to have an active and involved parent base. Our PTA sponsors assemblies and events for our students which support our curriculum and our district promotes a focus on both the Fine and Performing Arts. We host a large variety of before and after school clubs targeting academic development and interest-based activities. During the school day our children and staff are supported by an outstanding group of classroom teachers and specialists in the areas of Reading, Math, ESL, Speech and Language, Enrichment/Quest and Special Education. Our Library and Computer Lab are available to the children on a consistent basis and there are numerous opportunities to explore, research and analyze information. Our classes have access to a laptop cart and the majority of our classes have ipads currently in their rooms for daily use by students. We maintain an emphasis on Physical Education and over wellness as well as providing instruction in both Music and Art. Additionally, we do have performance opportunities for students in grades 5-6 with regard to Chorus, Band and Instruments.

At Forest Road your child is our priority. We strive to be partners with our families and share a common belief that all students can, and will, learn. We value the contributions and ideas shared by our stakeholders and maintain a focus on solution-oriented discussions. It is expected that you will be an advocate for your child and help us to design a successful learning path while they are in our care. Remember to take the 2 In 10 Pledge and give at least two hours of your time over the course of a ten month school year to improve your child’s school experience.

We welcome you to share in our joys and our achievements and thank you for your trust in us.

Erin Malone

Forest Road News

Forest Road students say, ‘Yes, I can!’

A group of students thumbnail247241
1) Global Leaders of Tomorrow in special education classes at Forest Road School celebrated a year of accomplishments during the Yes, I Can ceremony on May 26.
A group of students thumbnail247242
2) A fun performance for the audience featured colorful flag props.
A group of students thumbnail247243
3) Students displayed their growth mindset on posters that highlighted a significant goal accomplished.
A group of students thumbnail247244
4) Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France encouraged students to keep saying, “Yes, I can!”
Students at Forest Road School in Valley Stream District 30 had their moment to shine as they presented the results of their hard work throughout the year during the Yes, I Can ceremony on May 26.

Global Leaders of Tomorrow in special education classes are empowered to have the mindset that they can overcome any obstacle with the phrase “Yes, I can!” Students are reminded that if they set goals and strive for success, they can accomplish anything. The Yes, I Can ceremony represents the culmination of the many accomplishments that they pushed themselves towards.

The Yes, I Can ceremony was an opportunity for every student to have a moment in the spotlight and share their academic and social-emotional achievements to family members and loved ones in attendance. They shared major goals they worked on, their steps to success and the growth mindset it took for them to be successful this year. Each student was cheered on by their peers and the audience.

Before the ceremony, students also participated in various hands-on activities that reflected the “Yes, I can” attitude, such as changing statements to reflect a growth mindset. They also listened to “The Magical Yet” by Angela DiTerlizzi, which showed students that despite the challenges they will face, there is always a “magical yet” that reminds us to never give up.

Date Added: 6/2/2023

Communication and understanding are key during Valley Stream 30’s Speech Week

Students speaking to other students in class thumbnail246798
Students speaking to other students in class thumbnail246799
Students speaking to other students in class thumbnail246800
Students speaking to other students in class thumbnail246801

Students throughout Valley Stream District 30 at Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue elementary schools have been practicing effective communication and emotional understanding during Speech Week from May 15-19.

Organized by speech teachers and therapists, the week featured many events and activities that reminded students the importance of expressive communication and to be receptive of their peers’ ideas and needs. Speech therapists and students visited classrooms throughout each building during Speech Week to share important lessons about various aspects of speech, reinforcing how essential communication is in achieving future success. Grades were faced with different challenges, such as expressing emotions that pre-kindergarteners through second graders have felt and practicing conversation starters for grades three through six.

On May 18, select Global Leaders of Tomorrow and speech therapists shared lessons on American Sign Language. At Shaw Avenue, members of the ASL Club visited classrooms to share some basic signs, including how to request a water or bathroom break and how to say, “I love you.” Learning about sign language showed students how some individuals with disabilities communicate, while also giving them a new way to communicate in the classroom.

Date Added: 5/23/2023 

Forest Road turns up the fun for pep rally

1) Students at Forest Road Elementary School danced to the beat during their pep rally on April 28. thumbnail245683
2) Hannah VanDijk and Megan Vo shared how they became friends after working side by side. thumbnail245684
3) Students were challenged to come up with their own word to add to the lyrics of “Scat Like That.”  thumbnail245685
4) Students described examples of honesty after Forest Road’s next theme was unveiled.  thumbnail245686

It was a day of school spirit and camaraderie at Forest Road Elementary School in Valley Stream District 30 as students cheered and danced for their annual pep rally.

Global Leaders of Tomorrow excitedly gathered in the gymnasium on April 28 with many showing their school spirit by wearing Forest Road blue. Several students displayed leadership by standing at the front of the crowd to make a presentation, such as Maya Maldonado and Lilyana Suarez who read poems, and Hannah VanDijk and Megan Vo who shared how they became friends through working side by side. Students were also challenged to “Scat Like That” and sing along to a song that got them feeling the groove. Teachers then unveiled the school’s next theme, “Honesty,” which the school community will practice over the following month. After a special episode of the student-made Forest Road News, the crowd stood for a dance-off to some of their favorite music.

Date Added: 5/4/2023

Valley Stream District 30 honors those who go above and beyond

Students who competed in Valley Stream District 30’s first DroneBlock competition were honored at the April 24 Board of Education meeting.  thumbnail245693
Shaw Avenue teacher Tim Rau, who advises the LEGO Robotics Club, invited club members on stage.  thumbnail245694
Valley Stream 30 staff members Maryam Fatima, Teresa Eberle and Darlene Sinclair received certificates for the district’s first Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award. thumbnail245695
Several achievers in Valley Stream District 30 were recognized at the Board of Education regular meeting on April 24, including both students and employees.

In her superintendent’s report, Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France highlighted the students who participated in the district’s first DroneBlock competition. In February, teams from each of the district’s three schools coded against the clock to complete missions with their drones. Competitors Christopher Lawrence, Tristan Grey, Bria Folkes, Devyn Lee-Brode Abrielle Boodhoo and Maya Maldonado were presented with certificates.

Members of LEGO Robotics clubs were then recognized for their commitment and passion. These students will use their coding skills to compete against other teams from throughout Long Island. Students Lunissa Devenstar, Meryem Beskardes, Olivia Jones and Zaiden Grant were honored with certificates.

Lastly, Dr. Garcia-France introduced the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, or ABCD, Award. These staff members have shown initiative in prioritizing student safety and displaying strong compassion for our Global Leaders of Tomorrow. They included Maryam Fatima, Teresa Eberle, Darlene Sinclair and John Genna.

Date Added: 5/2/2023