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Shaw Avenue students dance to the beat in special event

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Students from Shaw Avenue Elementary School in Valley Stream District 30 dressed their best on March 9 to show off their dancing skills learned through a series of intricate lessons.

Fifth graders practiced for months under the direction of teachers from Dancing Classrooms Long Island. In pairs, students learned how to step to the beat in foxtrot, merengue and tango dances. They also researched the origins of the musical genres, and select students presented their findings to the audience during the evening event.

Each class formed circles of girls and boys in the Shaw Avenue gymnasium for “Dancing with the Stars of Fifth Grade.” They paired up and performed the dances in unison before rotating to another partner. Meanwhile, loved ones in attendance cheered them on. The lessons in dancing helped fifth graders find confidence in expressing their skills while also emphasizing the importance of collaboration on and off the dance floor.

Date Added: 3/14/2023

Valley Stream 30 students compete in district’s first Drone Competition

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Drones were abuzz in Shaw Avenue Elementary School’s gymnasium as students from within Valley Stream District 30 raced to complete a variety of challenging tasks in the district’s first annual DroneBlock Championship.

Teams of 4th and 5th grade students from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road, and Shaw Avenue assembled on Feb. 11 to face-off. An obstacle course with several stages presented multiple challenges for the teams to navigate their drones to complete the “mission.” First, writing a series of codes on the spot, participants launched their drones and had them land inside different rings assigned point scores. Second, as one student manually piloted the drone, other team members directed them through several hoops before making a clean landing on a desk. Next, they took careful measurements and assembled code to prompt the drone up, over and in between two chairs. The competition was concluded by an exciting event that mimicked real-life rescue operations. With a magnet attached to the drone via a string, the teams picked up paper clips and carried them to safety.

After the points were tallied, the Forest Road team came out on top with Clear Stream following in second place and Shaw Avenue in third place.

Each team each featured three students led by a coach. Competitors included Clear Stream’s Tristan Grey, Lucas Mata, and Christopher Lawrence led by coach Jake Winston; Forest Road’s Maya Maldonado, Bria Folkes, and Devyn Lee-Brode led by coach Heather Graham; and Shaw Avenue’s Abrielle Boodhoo, Ram Ahmed, and Jaleigh Patterson led by coach Christopher Gianesses.

Date Added: 2/15/2023

Shaw Avenue students show their skills at ‘Shaw Got Talent’

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Guests at Shaw Avenue Elementary School were treated to a night of music, dance and jokes at the school’s annual talent show, Shaw Got Talent, on Jan. 26.

Each year’s talent show presents a thrilling opportunity for students who are ready to shine under the spotlight. Shaw Got Talent allows students to show off their skills not typically seen in the classroom.

Fifth grader Ellie Zheng wowed the audience and opened the night with a complex performance of “Sorrow” on the piano. Across 20 more performances, Global Leaders of Tomorrow lead the way on the stage supported by laughs and cheers from the audience, including kindergartener Logan Martinez, who strutted his stuff to “Salsa for Kids” and concluded by tossing roses into the crowd, and fourth grader Liam La Voie, who honed his public speaking through a recitation of the poem “Remember” by Joy Harjo.

The show was organized by the Shaw Avenue PTA Talent Show Committee, who sold goodies and snacks to guests before the show.

Date Added: 2/1/2023