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Welcome to WebWorks

Quick and Easy Reference for Parents and Students
The Technology Department of Valley Stream District 30 has recently created a wonderful resource. This resource “Webworks” will provide you and your child the opportunity to continue developing and strengthening the skills they have learned through-out the school year.

The web sites are organized by subject areas including Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. The web sites are divided into age appropriate grade levels. 

Get started: Click and begin!


  Grade Level K-1 Museums
  Grade Level 2-3  
  Grade Level 4-6  
  Language Arts
Library Resources
  Grade Level K-1 Databases
  Grade Level 2-3 
    Grade Level 4-6 
  Social Studies   
Teacher Resources
  Grade Level K-1 Teacher's Corner
  Grade Level 2-3  
  Grade Level 4-6  NWEA
  Science  Conferencing
  Grade Level K-1 Video Conferencing
  Grade Level 2  
  Grade Level 3 Keyboarding
  Grade Level 4  
  Grade Level 5 Holidays & Special Events
  Grade Level 6  
  Additional Science Sites Smart Notebook Lesson


The Technology Department of Valley Stream Union Free School District 30 wants to hear from you! If you have any questions or know of any sites that you would like to see linked to this page, please email us by clicking here.