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Valley Stream 30 students focus on social-emotional learning for National School Psychology Awareness Week

Students in the gym stacking buckets thumbnail237386
Students in the gym working together in activities thumbnail237387
Students in the gym working together in activities thumbnail237388
Students in the gym working together in activities thumbnail237389

Students throughout Valley Stream District 30 each played their part in focusing on and exercising their mental health in recognition of National School Psychology Awareness Week.

The district’s psychologists at Forest Road, Clear Stream Avenue and Shaw Avenue elementary schools organize the event annually in coordination with physical education teachers. In each school gymnasium, several stations based on social-emotional learning and this year’s theme, “Together We Shine,” were established to test students’ knowledge on mental well-being. They navigated several interactive centers titled “Minute to Win It,” “Mysterious Journey,” “The Wheel of Cooperation” and “The Escape Room.” In each challenge, students worked together to complete one-minute activities, follow a correct path to safety, solve puzzles and riddles and follow specific tasks. Each activity required teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication to be successful.

Date Added: 11/28/2022

Valley Stream 30 Students Jog for Turkey Trot

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Students Running at Turkey Trot thumbnail237384
Students Running at Turkey Trot thumbnail237385

Students at Shaw Avenue Elementary School in Valley Stream District 30 hit the pavement on Nov. 18 to celebrate Thanksgiving and partake in the annual Turkey Trot.

Classes from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue elementary schools jogged around their blacktops and fields and counted their miles by collecting paper cups at the end of every lap. Each class logged their total distance and competed to see who ran the most miles. Students trained for the occasion and learned how to pace themselves in their respective physical education classes.

Date Added: 11/23/2022

Valley Stream 30 Students Spearhead Global Leaders of Tomorrow Advisory Council

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Several students in Valley Stream District 30 will be working together to make their community a better place as members of the newly-formed Global Leaders of Tomorrow Advisory Council.

Student members of the council premiered their efforts on stage at Shaw Avenue Elementary School. There, they each raised their hand and pledged to do their part to be positive influences in their community and leaders to their peers. They also stated one change they would like to see in their communities and the larger world.

The Global Leaders of Tomorrow Advisory Council will meet regularly with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roxanne Garcia-France to discuss how they can accomplish their goals and help other students in their respective schools help in their efforts.

Date Added: 11/17/2022

Clear Stream Avenue Sixth Graders Put Teamwork To The Test

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Students doing activites outside thumbnail229736
Students doing activites outside thumbnail229737
Students doing activites outside thumbnail229738
Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School sixth graders in Valley Stream District 30 put teamwork to the test on Nov. 3 during several cooperative activities that challenged them to solve complex problems.

Coordinated by physical education teacher Jonathan Greiss, a variety of stations presented physical challenges using different tools to accomplish a goal. In one instance, students worked in pairs to balance an object while carefully walking over wooden beams. They also used large flags and plastic pipes to roll a ball into a goal, brainstormed on how to best get their team from one “island” to another and used their voices to guide a blindfolded teammate through obstacles along a path. Every student had the opportunity to let their leadership skills shine as each station presented a unique challenge.

Date Added: 11/4/2022

Clear Stream Students Thank the Valley Stream 30 Board of Education

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Students on a stage performing thumbnail229051
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On Oct. 24, Board of Education members for the Valley Stream District 30, as well as families and loved ones, were treated to music, dancing and a show by Clear Stream Avenue students akin to a full-on Hollywood production.

The screen above the Shaw Avenue auditorium read “Valleywood” as students set the stage for a big thanks to the board. Students put on a short sketch, and second and fourth grade chorus singers performed under the direction of Stephanie Cooke. A new song, “Hooray for Valleywood,” written by Clear Stream Principal John Singleton, celebrated the unique qualities of the students’ hometown. Student Emily Arias then took center stage for a dazzling dance.

The event culminated in the premiere of “Valleywood the Movie,” in which Clear Stream students took on the roles of the district’s board members and acted out a business meeting. After the showing, each board member stood on the stage with their actor counterparts to share their mutual thanks.

The “Valleywood” production was coordinated in celebration of School Board Recognition Week, which is recognized this year from Oct. 17-21.

Date Added: 10/26/2022

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