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Clear Stream Avenue School

Principal’s Message

john singleton photoThe Mission of Valley Stream Union Free School District 30, through collaboration with staff, parents and community, is to educate all students to their fullest potential. It is the professional responsibility of the administrators, teachers and staff to encourage our students to become active, culturally responsive, respectful, lifelong learners, who will demonstrate ownership for their own academic, social and emotional progress. 

As the Principal of Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School, my first priority is to emphasize to the students the importance of daily learning, both in school and at home. The teachers here at Clear Stream are knowledgeable about each subject and use technology as an instructional tool to advance learning.  Each classroom lesson is designed to actively engage our students through communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.  Our children will be discovering something new every day and they should be able to recount what they have learned to family members when they return home.  Therefore it is paramount for you, the community, to investment in your children’s future by checking your child’s homework, joining the PTA, and supporting fundraisers or school events. We invite each family to become fully immersed in the culture of our school. 

Clear Stream Avenue is a multi-cultural school that celebrates both diversity academically and socially. Our students embrace the history, language and traditions of their own cultures as well as their classmates. This reinforces who we are and builds cooperative and cohesive relationships.  

Technology is an integral part of the learning process. We are living in a digital age where students can interact with science, talk with students from around the world and receive instant feedback from electronic platforms. Our goal is to prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century by providing the technological tools to conquer them. 

This promises to be an exciting year for all of us as we continue to embrace STEAM education and the arts. This year, our focus will be on “You & Media.” Activities and curriculum have been created to support students in their quest to become responsible digital citizens using various media forms that include print, digital, music, photography and video.  We look forward to the support that we have received from our parents, the dedication of our teachers and the energy of our students to propel us toward excellence in this coming year.  As you know, my door is always open. Hope you have an outstanding year.

John Singleton, Jr.