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District Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

District Vision (“Someday”)

It is the vision of VSUFSD 30 to educate and inspire our children to reach their fullest potential to become global leaders of tomorrow, through celebration of diversity and collaboration with students, staff, parents and community.

District Mission (“Every Day”)

It is the mission of Valley Stream UFSD 30 to ignite the passion within our children to become
active, culturally responsive, resilient, respectful, life-long learners that show ownership for their academic, social and emotional well-being through:
• A safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment that honors the diversity of our community.
• Integrated, evidence-based practices that promote the social-emotional development of each learner.
• A rigorous, multicultural, comprehensive curriculum that integrates technology.
• Differentiated instruction and supports that meet the needs of all learners.
• Multiple opportunities for collaborative inquiry and innovation so that all students:
Activate their self-determination, advocacy and persistence.
Become confident and courageous human beings.
 Can navigate multiple pathways for future success.

District Core Beliefs


• Every child can learn and become an active lifelong learner.
• Every child must be encouraged to think independently and creatively (“outside the box”), as well as to work interdependently with others, to contribute locally and globally to 21st Century society.



• Children learn in different ways, differentiated instruction must be used to meet the needs of all children.
• Children must acquire the content and skills necessary to be fully prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
• Our schools must implement an integrated curriculum that is developmentally sequential.



• Each family, along with the entire community, is an active partner involved in two-way communication regarding education.
• Diversity is embraced, appreciated and respected in curriculum, staffing and educational philosophy.
• Honesty, integrity and respect are encouraged and modeled by all Valley Stream community members.