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Meet the Superintendent of Schools 

December 2012

Dear Valley Stream 30 Community,
First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Valley Stream 30 staff members, students, parents and community residents for extending such a warm welcome to me as I begin my term as Superintendent of Schools. Over the past three months, I have seen firsthand the many reasons why this District is so special. I am proud to lead a district that has such a dedicated teaching staff, committed to helping our students succeed at every level. I am grateful that parents are willing to volunteer their time to help in our schools and make them inviting places for our children. Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention the “stars” of our District – the students – who consistently demonstrate an eagerness to learn and an excitement to help others. Valley Stream 30 is truly a special place, and I am honored to be here.
The first few months of school have been busy, as I’m sure you have noticed. Valley Stream 30 – like all districts throughout New York State – is now required to comply with new legislation called the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA or Dignity Act). As you’ve read on page 1, this law requires that all school districts implement a program to instruct students in civility, citizenship, character education, tolerance, respect for others and dignity. While our District has had programs in place for many years to deal with issues such as bullying and discrimination, we will continue to emphasize the importance of treating others with respect with age-appropriate programs and lessons.
As you may know, our Board of Education adopted a five-year Strategic Plan two years ago that guides the District in goal development and planning. The Strategic Plan in the upcoming school year is being supported through the development and implementation of curriculum goals. The goals for the 2012-13 school year include goals specifically designed to support the strategic planning goals. They include the adoption of inquiry-based science kits in grade 3, as well as the integration of middle school-aligned Science lab write-ups in grade 6. The District is moving forward with implementation of an integrated Social Studies curriculum which incorporates technology skills and Common Core-aligned ELA outcomes. In addition, the District is continuing the work from last year, and is fully implementing an articulated scope and sequence of grammar and writing structure skills, as well as the use of grade-level writing rubrics.  The integration of technology into instruction is continuing through curriculum mapping projects, and the acquisition of new student resources such as iPads. Our District will continue to incorporate 21st century learning skills into the curriculum. Essentially, this stresses critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration, flexibility, adaptability, global awareness and environmental literacy. These skills are essential for student success as our children move forward in life, not only to secondary school but to college or the workforce.
Lastly, the District is currently in the process of revamping its website, We hope that this site, once finished, will be more user-friendly for the community and serve as the “go-to” resource of District news for parents, staff and students.

As with any school district, success is dependent upon collaboration. For this reason, I encourage community involvement in our District and invite you to offer your thoughts and feedback throughout the school year.

We are proud to be “The Friendly Schools” and even prouder to be “The Friendly Schools…Achieving.” Thank you again for your support.


Dr. Nicholas A. Stirling
Superintendent of Schools