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Ms. P. Amalfitano
Ms. K. Belmonte
Ms. M. Reinhard
Ms. M. Schwiegert

Supply List*

1st Grade

Ms. N. Bart
Ms. R. Daswani
Ms. J. Forcina
Ms. D. Ging
Ms. A. Roberts

Supply List* 

2nd Grade

Ms. A. DeRicco
Mrs. S. Perrone
Ms. J. Post
Ms. J. Smithok

Supply List

3rd Grade

Ms. C. Gonzalez
Ms. J. Granger
Ms. J. Lichter
Ms. S. Lipski

 Supply List

4th Grade

Ms. T. Donoghue
Ms. I. Epstein
Ms. C. Kaye
Ms. R. Tyler

Supply List

5th Grade

Ms. P. Garvey
Ms. S. Tauber
Ms. A. Upton
Ms. W. Weick

Supply List 

Click here for specific informaton about the 5th grade

6th Grade

Mr. D. Carr
Mrs. D. Cerrone
Mrs. M. Lauro
Ms. M. Mahoney
Mrs. R. Rudy

Supply List



*Note that the different teachers my have different lists.