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In grades K-6, students receive science instruction with a major emphasis on active participation, hands-on, inquiry-based investigations using the SCIENCE 21kits that have an integrated curriculum which align to the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology. Students conduct investigations that explore physical, life, and earth science topics, in which their experiences build conceptual understanding from unit to unit and grade to grade. There are four units at each grade level. The first unit usually deals with science processes and investigative tools. The other units provide relevant, grade-appropriate experiences in physical, earth, and life science.

Science 21 Units

Kindergarten - Exploring Our World
§ Unit 1: Using My Senses to Learn about and Appreciate Science (Mystery Box)
§ Unit 2: Using My Senses to Learn about Me in My World (human body, senses, health and safety)
§ Unit 3: Using My Senses to Learn about Other Living Things in My World (properties of plants and properties of animals) (newts/ladybugs)
§ Unit 4: Using My Senses to Learn about Non-living Things in My World

First Grade - Order in our World
§ Unit 1: Organizing Ourselves to do Science Investigations
§ Unit 2: Investigating Attributes and Properties of Objects
§ Unit 3: Identifying the States of Matter
§ Unit 4: Investigating Living Things (hermit crabs)

Second Grade - Measuring Changes in Our World
§ Unit 1: Tools to Measure Our World
§ Unit 2: Observing and Measuring Changes in Energy
§ Unit 3: Observing and Measuring Changes in Living Things (crayfish)
§ Unit 4: Observing and Measuring Changes in the Environment

Third Grade - Cycles in the Natural World
§ Unit 1: How a scientist Investigates Plant Cycles
§ Unit 2: How a scientist Investigates Electricity
§ Unit 3: How a scientist Investigates Water Cycles
§ Unit 4: How a scientist Investigates Animal Cycles (butterflies)

Fourth Grade - Organization in the Natural World
§ Unit 1: Organizing Ourselves for Doing Science
§ Unit 2: Digestion, Nutrients, Food Chains and Food Webs
§ Unit 3: Simple Machines
§ Unit 4: Organization of the Earth (constructive and destructive forces, rocks and minerals)
§ New York State Science Performance & Written Assessments

Fifth Grade - Interactions in the Natural World
§ Unit 1: Interactions of Chemical Matter (Focus on controlled studies)
§ Unit 2: Interactions in the Microworld (cells lead into...)
§ Unit 3: Interactions in the Human Body (respiratory/circulatory & muscular/skeletal systems and genetics)
§ Unit 4: Interactions in the Environment - Energy Transfer

Sixth Grade - Investigations of Science And Technology In Our World
§ Unit 1: Investigating the Nature of Science and Technology
§ Unit 2: Investigating Energy (Electromagnetism, Potential/Kinetic)
§ Unit 3: Investigating Earth In Space
§ Annual Science Fair

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