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Health & Safety Issues

ASBESTOS PLAN NOTICE The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires school districts to annually inspect and identify asbestos-containing building materials, and to notify those who have access to the buildings of the condition of the asbestos. The latest Asbestos Management Report indicates that all of the buildings are safe and do not contain any friable (loose) asbestos. A copy of this report is on file at the District Central Office as well as in each building for inspection. Please contact the Director of Facilities and Operations with any questions. SAFETY PLAN NOTICE Pursuant to the NYS Education Commissioner’s Regulations, the Valley Stream District 30 School Safety Team has completed its annual review of the District-wide School Safety Plan.  A copy of the updated plan is available in the main office of each school, as well as in the office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business.

Educational Law requires that all schools establish a pesticide notification procedure. Part of that procedure includes establishing a registry of names and addresses of people who wish to be notified prior to any application. Although the School District does not regularly use pesticides, there may be an occasion where we have to. If you wish to be placed on the notification registry, please contact the Facilities Office (516-285-9880, extension 225). For additional information, please contact the New York State Education Department website at

Cleaning and Maintenance Products used throughout the District List with important emergency information. (Click Here)

Other Health and Safety Information