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Information About Clear Stream Capital Project

In accordance with the District’s strategic plan, Valley Stream District 30 continues to identify those capital expenditures that are necessary to keep the schools structurally, environmentally and educationally sound now and into the future. The District strives to ensure that all buildings are properly maintained and preserved to provide a suitable educational setting that is safe, secure and healthy within a fiscally-responsible budget.

Every five years, the State Education Department requires all school districts to prepare a Building Conditions Survey (BCS). Last completed in 2010, the District will be required to complete this again in 2015 in partnership with the District’s architect.

In order to accomplish the projects identified, the District is looking to complete a number of projects each year, funded through the capital reserve funds. These reserves are approved by voters to pay for future capital projects.
In May 2015, the community will be asked to approve the expenditure of funds from previously approved reserves to complete a number of capital projects at Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School. These projects are necessary in order to ensure that the District is providing adequate and appropriate instructional space for its students, aligned with initiatives set forth in the District’s strategic plan. In addition, the proposed improvements align with an enrollment study conducted by BOCES in 2013 that anticipates an increase in student enrollment. Improvements for Clear Stream include:
• Construction of a one-story, 2,993+ square foot classroom addition.
• Construction of a new elevator
• Resurfacing of asphalt within an existing play area
• Construction of additional parking stalls on an existing asphalt area
• Installation of approximately six new drywells to accommodate storm water and roof runoff

The total estimated cost for these capital projects is $4 million. Since the money is being drawn from the capital reserve funds, there will be no additional tax impact for residents if Proposition #2 is approved.

It is important to note that future work is anticipated to be proposed for Shaw Avenue School and Forest Road School to expand instructional space at those buildings, as well. Those improvements will be proposed if necessary in future budgets as part of capital reserve propositions, as we plan to fund capital work through capital reserves, if possible.

For a short video that shows the proposed rendering for Clear Stream Avenue, see below.

Note: To enlarge the video, click on the arrow icon in the bottom right corner.