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Shaw Avenue School 

99 Shaw Avenue., Valley Stream, NY 11580

(516) 434-3700

Dr. Alejandro Rivera, Principal 

Christopher Colarossi, Assistant Principal

Shaw Avenue Elementary School was opened in 1950 as the second school of Valley Stream School District 30.  The school replaced the Rottkamp Potato Farm owned by the Rottkamp family.  For the celebration of Shaw Avenue School’s 50th anniversary in the year 2000, students, staff, parents and community members placed two time capsules in the Library Media Center.  These time capsules will be unveiled during Shaw Avenue’s 100th anniversary in the year 2050.   Shaw Avenue School now serves the northern part of this region and houses a culturally diverse student body from kindergarten to grade six.

At Shaw Avenue students receive a good educational foundation that propels them to excel academically, socially, and emotionally.  We honor our students’ learning styles by differentiating our instruction using different pedagogical strategies and modalities.

Overview of Core Instructional Program

We develop literate independent readers who are able to identify their literary genres of choice and understand that good readers read for different purposes including pleasure. To build a stronger foundation for our literacy instruction we use the Common Core Standards and the five components of a scientifically-based reading instruction in the early grades: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. As students advance through the grades we expect them to engage with literary and informational texts on a deeper level by analyzing, explaining, comparing and contrasting, integrating, evaluating, and citing supportive evidence for their arguments.  

Our students consider themselves mathematicians who can relate theoretical concepts to the real world.  We implement the Common Core Standards by asking students to engage in a variety of activities, such as:
1.    Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
2.    Reason abstractly and quantitatively
3.    Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
4.    Apply mathematics to solve everyday problems
5.    Use appropriate tools strategically

Our students are social scientists who begin to apply the scientific method in the early grades while creating their hypotheses while proving and disproving them as they progress through the years.  They learn to analyze and question peoples of the world, cultures, and institutions that surround them.  We integrate literacy skills in our curriculum and encourage students to read and write a variety of informational and non-fiction texts

Shaw Avenue School also provides all students with a richly rewarding educational experience in the areas of art, music, and computer technology. Academic excellence is expected of all students as they forge ahead in their academic pursuits

In addition to our instructional core, we offer a variety of programs at Shaw Avenue School including:
•    Two fully equipped technology labs
•    Full Day Kindergarten Center
•    Implementation of Common Core Standards Across Grade Levels
•    Social and Emotional Learning through Responsive Classroom and PBIS
•    Quest for high achieving students
•    Afterschool Academic Intervention Services
•    Co-teaching classrooms
•    Innovative Literacy Pilots


Shaw Avenue News

Catching the Beat at Shaw Avenue School

Catching the Beat Photo 1
Catching the Beat Photo 2
Catching the Beat Photo 3
Catching the Beat Photo 4
Students throughout Shaw Avenue Elementary School learned more about how music and technology go hand in hand during Arts Horizons’ engaging assembly, “Sonic Boom – The ReMix,” with professional musicians Yako Prodis and Sean Nowell. The interactive program connected to the district’s 2018-19 theme, “You and MEdia.” 

With DJ equipment and instruments set on the auditorium stage, Prodis and Nowell taught the students how to beatbox, what a talk box is used for and a bit of music history. Student volunteers had the opportunity to join the musicians on stage to create their own beats. They learned the role of a music producer and beat maker and tried out a turntable. As the music took form, classes in the audience clapped and danced along. To close out the show, Prodis walked around the auditorium and had students make a sound which he then looped together to showcase the power of music and technology. 

New Principal Appointed at Shaw Avenue School

Christopher Colarossi Photo
Christopher Colarossi, assistant principal at Shaw Avenue School, has been appointed as the school’s new principal, effective July 1. Mr. Colarossi has served as the assistant principal of Shaw Avenue since 2015 and will be replacing Principal Dr. Alejandro Rivera.
Prior to serving as an administrator in District 30, he was an elementary teacher and an assistant principal for 14 years at P.S. 139 in Brooklyn. Mr. Colarossi attended Fairleigh Dickenson University where he received both his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and masters of elementary education degree. He later attended Brooklyn College where he earned his New York State School Administrator and Supervisor certificate. 

“Mr. Colarossi has been a tremendous asset to our administrative staff since 2015,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling. “In his current role as Shaw Avenue assistant principal, he has led a culturally proficient learning environment, proactively cultivated strong relationships between home and school and fostered an environment of collegiality and positive reinforcement.” 

His wealth of knowledge and experience ranges from supervising the districtwide science department, to serving as co-coordinator of after-school programs which provide student support. Mr. Colarossi is honored to be appointed into this new position and is excited about the opportunity.   

“I truly look forward continuing to work alongside the amazing staff and the devoted families of the Shaw Avenue School in providing our children with the 21st century tools and experiences necessary in preparing them for the world ahead,” he said. “Shaw Avenue School has always been a special place and a significant landmark in this community and with a clear vision, open lines of communication, and a passion for doing what is best for students, I promise to continue that tradition going for a long time to come.” 

District Welcomes New Assistant Principal

Photo of Christina Alicea-Cosme
The district is pleased to announce the appointment of Christina Alicea-Cosme, a new additional assistant principal at Shaw Avenue Elementary School. Ms. Alicea-Cosme was officially appointed at the district’s board of education meeting on May 20. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling welcomed Ms. Alicea-Cosme to the district and shared her background with the community. 

“Ms. Alicea-Cosme is someone who is a learner and has a great expertise in literacy,” said Dr. Stirling. “I know she will be a great asset to our school and our school community.” 

Since 2016, Ms. Alicea-Cosme has served as an assistant principal at the Children’s Lab School in Queens, where she has embraced various roles including New York State test coordinator, technology point person, teacher evaluator, hiring committee member and school safety committee member. Prior to her assistant principal position, Ms. Alicea-Cosme was a kindergarten teacher for more than 10 years in the New York City Department of Education.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooklyn College in Early Childhood Education, a Master of Science in Education degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities in Early Childhood and an advanced certificate in Educational Leadership from LIU Brooklyn in School Building Leadership and School District Leadership. 

“I am excited to begin the next journey in my life together with the Valley Stream 30 School District,” said Ms. Alicea-Cosme. “I look forward to building relationships with students, teachers and community members. I am looking forward to supporting the district’s vision and educational approach by working as a team player alongside my colleagues.” 

Shaw Avenue Students Take Home Third Victory

Math Hoops Photo 1
Math Hoops Photo 2
Math Hoops Photo 3
Twenty-four students from throughout the district put their math skills to the test by participating in the annual New York City NBA Math Hoops Tournament at the Barclays Center on May 4. For the third consecutive year, a team from Shaw Avenue School were crowned first place winners. Shaw Avenue sixth graders Christopher Duarte and Malik Waheed won in the final round against semi-finalists and their own Shaw Avenue peers Gabrielle Loadholt and Jose Pinto.

NBA Math Hoops is a fast-paced basketball board game that incorporates fundamental math skills through direct engagement from NBA and WNBA players with a curriculum tied to the Next Generation Learning Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills. The students were coached by their supportive teachers Timothy Rau from Clear Stream Avenue School, Christopher Onorato from Forest Road School and Andrew Canle from Shaw Avenue School. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling, along with building administrators, watched as the students displayed their talents and good sportsmanship. 

“This was both an amazing experience and accomplishment,” said Shaw Avenue Principal Dr. Alejandro Rivera. “I’m proud of all of the students as they worked hard to prepare for this tournament and represented their school and family with such a positive attitude. This is just another example of how the district and school exposes students to experiences that go far beyond the walls of the classroom. Next year we will go for four in a row!” 

Congratulations to Shaw Avenue School and to all the student participants from District 30! 

Clear Stream Avenue School:

Rafael Almonte
Ava Bolden
Allesta Castillo
Kayden Lambert
Victoria Linares 
Stephen LaTouche
Adaobi Okammelu
Emily Salazar

Forest Road School: 

Vania Bawla
Brady DelValle
Isabelle Dombrosky
Mania Ishtiaq
Mohammad Khan
Daniel Laurent
Malia Malik
Rayhan Ramnarine

Shaw Avenue School:

Sahana Benny 
Christopher Duarte
David Gonzalez 
Gabrielle Loadholt
Tameera Osmani 
Morgan Pajotte
Jose Pinto 
Malik Waheed 

BOE Celebrates National Essay Winners and Teachers

BOE Celebrates Winners Photo 1
BOE Celebrates Winners Photo 2
During the district’s board of education meeting on April 29, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling, along with the board, honored two outstanding students and their teachers for recently earning national recognition in the Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers Essay Contest. 

Among the 10,000 essays that were submitted, Shaw Avenue Elementary School fifth grader Asma Kaukab was selected as the grand prize winner for grades 4-6. Her classmate, Hafsa Asghar, was also recognized as one of eight MVP National winners. Sponsored by Scholastic and Major League Baseball, the contest encourages students from across the country to write about overcoming personal obstacles or barriers through the examples that Jackie Robinson set while breaking the color barrier for Major League Baseball. The students were asked to incorporate Robinson’s nine values into their entries – citizenship, commitment, courage, determination, excellence, integrity, justice, persistence and teamwork. 

Although Hafsa was unable to attend the meeting due to her recent move to Brooklyn, Dr. Stirling expressed how proud he was of both students, stating that it was not only an accomplishment for them, but also the district.
“I can’t tell you how proud I am of what you have done and more importantly, of the person that you have become,” he told Asma, who proudly sat with her family during the meeting. 

Dr. Stirling also expressed his appreciation for the support of the students’ loved ones and teachers Karin Savino, Kerry O’Connor and Maria Neckonoff. He praised all three teachers for their commitment to the students of District 30. 

“The work that you do, not just this year but in all the years that you have been in the district, is most appreciated,” said Dr. Stirling. 

To congratulate Asma and her teachers, each received a bouquet of flowers from the board. 

Shaw Avenue Sixth-Graders Perform an Enchanting Disney Tale

Beauty and the Beast Photo 1
Beauty and the Beast Photo 2
Beauty and the Beast Photo 3
Beauty and the Beast Photo 4
Beauty and the Beast Photo 5
Beauty and the Beast Photo 6
Administrators, staff, students and families gathered in the Shaw Avenue Elementary School auditorium for the Sixth Grade Shaw Avenue Musical Theatre Club’s production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” on March 14. Directed by music teacher Stephanie Fischer, first-grade teacher Ashley Munford and parent volunteer Sandra Proto, the students performed the beloved story based on the 1991 animated Disney film during the school day and the evening. 

Principal Dr. Alejandro Rivera opened the show along with Fischer, who expressed her appreciation for the outstanding individuals who helped make the show come to life. This included central and building administrators, staff, PTA members, Memorial Junior High School and Central High School students and more. She also commended the cast for their dedication in preparing for the show. 

“You have worked so hard during this process, bringing life and energy to the stage at Shaw Avenue,” she told them. “We are so proud of you.”

Sixth-grader Chris Vicuna played the role of the prince/Beast, while Sahana Benny and Emily Heeralal shared the role of Belle. Among the other outstanding cast was Cristian Diaz as Lumiere, Tameera Osmani as Cogsworth, Nicole Proto as Mrs. Potts, Sergen Enosse as Chip, Michael Sawyer as Scratch, Senora Johnson as Madame De La Grande Bouche, Sigfrid Ibanez as Gaston, Bunta Okita as Lefou and Yazdaan Sarwar as Maurice. 

Students proudly showcased their acting, singing and dancing skills as they performed classic songs such as “Be Our Guest,” “Gaston” and “Beauty and the Beast,” to the delight of audience members.