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Shaw Avenue School 

99 Shaw Avenue., Valley Stream, NY 11580

(516) 434-3700

Christopher Colarossi, Principal 

Andrew Canle , Assistant Principal

Christina Alicea-Cosme, Assistant Principal 


Shaw Avenue Elementary School was opened in 1950 as the second school of Valley Stream School District 30.  The school replaced the Rottkamp Potato Farm owned by the Rottkamp family.  For the celebration of Shaw Avenue School’s 50th anniversary in the year 2000, students, staff, parents and community members placed two time capsules in the Library Media Center.  These time capsules will be unveiled during Shaw Avenue’s 100th anniversary in the year 2050.   Shaw Avenue School now serves the northern part of this region and houses a culturally diverse student body from kindergarten to grade six.

At Shaw Avenue students receive a good educational foundation that propels them to excel academically, socially, and emotionally.  We honor our students’ learning styles by differentiating our instruction using different pedagogical strategies and modalities.

Overview of Core Instructional Program

We develop literate independent readers who are able to identify their literary genres of choice and understand that good readers read for different purposes including pleasure. To build a stronger foundation for our literacy instruction we use the Common Core Standards and the five components of a scientifically-based reading instruction in the early grades: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. As students advance through the grades we expect them to engage with literary and informational texts on a deeper level by analyzing, explaining, comparing and contrasting, integrating, evaluating, and citing supportive evidence for their arguments.  

Our students consider themselves mathematicians who can relate theoretical concepts to the real world.  We implement the Common Core Standards by asking students to engage in a variety of activities, such as:
1.    Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
2.    Reason abstractly and quantitatively
3.    Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
4.    Apply mathematics to solve everyday problems
5.    Use appropriate tools strategically

Our students are social scientists who begin to apply the scientific method in the early grades while creating their hypotheses while proving and disproving them as they progress through the years.  They learn to analyze and question peoples of the world, cultures, and institutions that surround them.  We integrate literacy skills in our curriculum and encourage students to read and write a variety of informational and non-fiction texts

Shaw Avenue School also provides all students with a richly rewarding educational experience in the areas of art, music, and computer technology. Academic excellence is expected of all students as they forge ahead in their academic pursuits

In addition to our instructional core, we offer a variety of programs at Shaw Avenue School including:
•    Two fully equipped technology labs
•    Full Day Kindergarten Center
•    Implementation of Common Core Standards Across Grade Levels
•    Social and Emotional Learning through Responsive Classroom and PBIS
•    Quest for high achieving students
•    Afterschool Academic Intervention Services
•    Co-teaching classrooms
•    Innovative Literacy Pilots


Shaw Avenue News

Shaw Avenue Student Honored at MLB Home Run Derby

Honored at Home Run Derby Photo 1 thumbnail131545
Honored at Home Run Derby Photo 2 thumbnail131546
Honored at Home Run Derby Photo 3 thumbnail131547
Honored at Home Run Derby Photo 4 thumbnail131548
Asma Kaukab, an incoming sixth grader from Shaw Avenue School was recently honored as the grand prize winner for grades 4-6 in the Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers Essay Contest during the 2019 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby. The national contest, sponsored by Scholastic and Major League Baseball, encourages students in grades 4-9 to share their story of how they use Robinson’s values of citizenship, commitment, courage, determination, excellence, integrity, justice, persistence and teamwork, to overcome their own barriers.

Asma received the news of her big win this past spring. As a result of her winning essay, she earned an all-expenses paid trip to the MLB All-Star Game, a new laptop for both her and her teacher, T-shirts for her class, books and a school visit from Mr. Met and Sharon Robinson, author and daughter of legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. Asma traveled to Cleveland for the big game where she had the opportunity to meet some professional baseball players and walk the field. Before the MLB Home Run Derby, she was recognized in front of thousands on the field with Sharon Robinson by her side. Congratulations, Asma!

Beloved Shaw Avenue Teacher Appointed to Assistant Principal

Andrew Canle Photo thumbnail121132
Andrew Canlé, an elementary school teacher at Shaw Avenue School, will serve as one of two new assistant principals for Shaw Avenue, effective July 1. Mr. Canlé was appointed during the Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education meeting on June 17.
During the meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling shared with the community the positive impact that Mr. Canlé has made in the district since entering in 2015 as a general education classroom teacher.
“He is known in our school district, as well as respected for his work as a teacher and his work with students, specifically as an instructional coach for the Math Olympiad team and the NBA Math Hoops program,” said Dr. Stirling. “He is truly gifted in regard to his understanding of technology and its use and how to make an impact on children. I believe he will be a great asset to the administrative team.” 

Mr. Canlé will join a new administrative team at Shaw Avenue Elementary School which consists of new principal Christopher Colarossi and assistant principal Christina Alicea-Cosme, both of whom were recently appointed as well. 

Prior to arriving in District 30, Mr. Canlé was as a social studies and literacy skills teacher at Invictus Preparatory Charter School in Brooklyn and served as the Sixth Grade Level Chair throughout his time there. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Master of Science degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University. Mr. Canlé will receive his advanced certificate in educational leadership from the College of Saint Rose in August. 

He has received numerous honors and distinctions while in the district. This includes bringing the Shaw Avenue Math Olympiad team to victory, placing in the top 10% in the nation from 2015-2019. Mr. Canlé has also led the Shaw Avenue NBA Math Hoops team to first place for three consecutive years. Under his leadership this year, a student attended the NBA Math Hoops National Championship. 

As a new administrator, Mr. Canlé looks forward to continuing to uphold the high expectations and tradition of excellence that the school community embodies.

“Valley Stream has been a community that molded me as a child while attending William L. Buck School and Valley Stream South High School, respectively,” he said. “My experience has been invaluable, and I look forward to moving on to work with the same professionals and community members in the new capacity of assistant principal at Shaw Avenue School.” 

Shaw Avenue Fifth Graders Dance Into First

Dancing Classrooms Photo thumbnail121097
Twelve fifth graders from Shaw Avenue Elementary School recently took home the gold for the second consecutive year at the Dancing Classrooms of Long Island’s Nassau Spring Colors of the Rainbow Team Match. Shaw Avenue was among seven elementary schools that competed in the competition which took place in Levittown. The students received a large gold trophy and individual medallions for their achievement.

Students who took part in the ten-week, 20 lesson residency program during the winter of the 2018-2019 school year were invited to put their dancing skills to test during the event which was a community celebration of the students’ accomplishments. Each school was represented with a color as students danced with partners and were judged on dances such as the Merengue, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba and more. Shaw Avenue teachers Karin Savino and Lauren Rosenthal helped the students prepare for the event.

Congratulations to the following student dancers: 

Elijah Ashby
Dillon Augustin
Rebecca Dela Paz
Madison Dixon
Josiah Falconer
Mia Ferguson
Christopher Fortunat
Jayden Garcia
Alyssa Haughton
Akinola Oluwanifemi
Katelyn Ortiz
Alana Perez

Catching the Beat at Shaw Avenue School

Catching the Beat Photo 1 thumbnail120831
Catching the Beat Photo 2 thumbnail120832
Catching the Beat Photo 3 thumbnail120833
Catching the Beat Photo 4 thumbnail120834
Students throughout Shaw Avenue Elementary School learned more about how music and technology go hand in hand during Arts Horizons’ engaging assembly, “Sonic Boom – The ReMix,” with professional musicians Yako Prodis and Sean Nowell. The interactive program connected to the district’s 2018-19 theme, “You and MEdia.” 

With DJ equipment and instruments set on the auditorium stage, Prodis and Nowell taught the students how to beatbox, what a talk box is used for and a bit of music history. Student volunteers had the opportunity to join the musicians on stage to create their own beats. They learned the role of a music producer and beat maker and tried out a turntable. As the music took form, classes in the audience clapped and danced along. To close out the show, Prodis walked around the auditorium and had students make a sound which he then looped together to showcase the power of music and technology.