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May 16, 2019

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Dear Valley Stream District 30 Families and School Community:

Congratulations to all of our students who performed in the spring concerts this month.  The outstanding growth in skill and performance since the winter concerts was very evident.  Our entire music department (Mr. Adams, Ms. Cooke, Ms. Fischer, Ms. Visceglie, Ms. Gorey, Mr. Kalinowski, Ms. Kloc-Alberghini and Ms. Quiroz) continues to keep the arts alive in our schools.  They are to be commended and thanked for their dedication and support of our students.  The arts, which continue to be supported in the budget are not only fun, but are also central to our instructional program.  I invite everyone to please take pause when visiting our schools to view the wonderful visual artwork displayed throughout the schools.

Once again, the Board of Education, administration and I are proud to present to the community a budget that preserves and expands program without a significant increase in the tax levy (0.18%). Thus, the proposed budget does fall significantly below the allowable tax levy cap.  The proposed budget maintains our current programs and allows the District to develop initiatives and activities that will challenge and engage our students. The proposition on the ballot this year will allow us to continue with our capital project initiatives that will not cost the community additional tax dollars, if approved.  Every vote counts and we are trying to increase turnout over last year, so please take the time to tell the community what you value when it comes to education in Valley Stream 30. 


Despite the bad weather this past Monday, the new 21st Century Learning Lab at the Washington Avenue Center was unveiled to the public. This Lab will provide exciting all-day learning opportunities for our students in the District. State-of-the-art technology equipment, resources and furniture contribute to making this a very dynamic learning environment. Congratulations to all involved, especially Ms. Lewner and Ms. Rodriquez, in creating this new space that is made possible through our competitive grant.  

I am pleased to announce that Christina Alicea-Cosme has been selected to join the administrative team as Assistant Principal at Shaw Avenue School.  Ms. Alicea-Cosme is an experienced elementary teacher and administrator from New York City.  Her expertise in literacy and technology will continue to support many of our initiatives in this area.  She is a neighboring resident who is very excited to serve and become a part of our school family.  The Board of Education will be acting on the recommendation to appoint Ms. Alicea-Cosme on Monday, May 20, 2019.  Parents, teachers and administrators were represented on the interview committee, and I thank them for their time and input in this process.  

Our Board of Education meeting is Monday, May 20th and, again, the Budget Vote is Tuesday, May 21st.  The Student Vote is also on May 21st. 

Thanks, again, for your ongoing support.


Nicholas A. Stirling, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools