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Clear Stream Avenue School

Principal’s Message

The mission of Valley Stream Union Free School District 30, through collaboration with parents and community partners, is to educate all students to their highest levels of performance in nurturing learning environments that are safe, inclusive, and student centered.

As the Principal of Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School, my first priority is to emphasize to the students the importance of daily learning, both in school and at home. The teachers here at Clear Stream are wonderful and knowledgeable. Each classroom lesson is designed to actively engage our students.  Our children will be discovering something new everyday and they should be able to recount what they have learned to family members when they return home.  Therefore, community investment in our children’s future is paramount to their success.  Whether it’s by joining the PTA, coming to a school event or supporting a fundraiser, each family should be involved in the culture of the school.

Clear Stream Avenue is a multi-cultural school and we will be celebrating that diversity. Our students will embrace the history, language and traditions of their classmates’ cultures.  This will bring about a greater appreciation of who we are and why we must all work together.

I will also support the district’s efforts to bring more technology into the classrooms.  Technology is an important tool that enhances the learning process. We are living in a fantastic age. Students can see parts of the world from their classrooms, talk to students from other states and interact with whiteboards that provide instant feedback. Our goal is to prepare our children for the 21st century.

This promises to be an exciting year for all of us. We look forward to the continuing dedication of our teachers, the support from our parents and the energy of our students to strive toward excellence.  Have a great year.


John Singleton, Jr.