Equipped for Success, One Bag at a Time

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Students at Shaw Avenue School recently received a big surprise as they were generously gifted 400 designer backpacks, 800 Bombas socks and 400 books during a school-wide motivational assembly provided by STATE Bags and Senator Todd Kaminsky.

For every STATE bag purchased, STATE provides support for American children and families. This includes donating STATE backpacks filled with essential tools for success to American students. The organization travels across the country and conducts “bag drops,” where they deliver the backpacks to schools and host an interactive assembly with energetic emcees and a DJ.

Messages of confidence, being yourself and chasing your dreams were projected as students danced along to the DJ and STATE emcees. At the conclusion of the bag drop, a fully stocked STATE backpack was given to every student. 

“I am inspired by the tremendous work and generosity of STATE Bags and am so thankful that they took the time to speak to our students about the impact they can have when they decide to pursue their dreams,” said Senator Todd Kaminsky.  “I hope that the students walked away from the rally knowing that they can do whatever they put their minds to, and that the backpack they received will serve them well in their journey to success.”

According to Principal Christopher Colarossi, the exciting event shined a light on the values of the school. 

“The performance today by STATE Bags was about unity and determination, which are two core beliefs that we live by here at Shaw Avenue School every day,” he said. 

Shaw Avenue School is grateful to STATE Bags and to Senator Kaminsky for sharing this experience with students and staff.