The Butterfly Experience

students and science teachers holding pictures of butterflies outside a camping tent thumbnail184803
student releasing her butterfly thumbnail184804
teacher showing a butterfly to two observant students thumbnail184805
science teacher wearing butterfly mask thumbnail184806
student wearing a sonic the hedgehog mask with butterfly on his shirt thumbnail184807
student coloring a picture of a butterfly while observing one thumbnail184808
teacher showing chrysalis to students thumbnail184809
students sitting at a table with microscopes thumbnail184810
students admiring the butterflies resting on the flowers outside thumbnail184811
Kindergarten students from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue school recently received an up close look at butterflies through an immersive butterfly experience at their schools. Remote kindergarten classes also had the opportunity to participate and visit their respective school for the learning experience.

Science teachers Dennis Carr and Ralph Laudano visited each school and set up different tools such as magnifying glasses and microscopes for the kindergartners to observe the metamorphosis of a butterfly. The students watched as the insect transformed from an egg, to a larva, to a pupa and then to a beautiful butterfly. Mr. Carr and Mr. Laudano also showed the kindergartners videos of butterflies and read a story about the magnificent creatures. The kindergarten students compared the different species of butterflies and also discussed what made them unique. To conclude the lesson, Mr. Carr and Mr. Laudano set up a butterfly tent outside each school which was filled with mature butterflies for the kindergarten classes to interact with.