A Virtual Celebration of Art

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Despite schools being closed due to COVID-19, art teachers from Valley Stream District 30 found creative ways to showcase the artwork that their talented students created during the 2019-2020 school year. Each elementary school held either a virtual art show or museum experience in June, which were accessible on the district’s website for students, staff and families to enjoy (https://valleystream30.com/news/article.aspx?id=117842). 

Clear Stream Avenue School’s art show was created on Google Slides by art teacher Leslie Freiberg. Each staff member, including central and building administrators, created a Bitmoji, a cartoon avatar of themselves, to include in the special presentation. The colorful slides showcased artwork from all grade levels. At the end of the presentation, viewers were encouraged to participate in an art show scavenger hunt where they were tasked to find various animated items that were placed throughout the presentation. 

At Forest Road Elementary School, art teacher Colette Giardella created a YouTube video with upbeat music to showcase the outstanding artwork that students created in school before the global pandemic. The video also featured artwork that students created at home during remote learning.

Shaw Avenue art teacher Paul Farinacci took a slightly different approach to spotlight the creativity at Shaw Avenue School. He created a video taking Shaw Avenue students and their families on a virtual museum experience which he called, “Shaw Avenue’s Masterpiece Make-Over Museum.”

The engaging video featured Mr. Farinacci’s animated Bitmoji and his real-life dog PePe Le Smooch and cat Tubettini Houdini, which he animated to serve as a tour guide and museum curator. Together, they took viewers through art history while highlighting an art project that students, staff and administrators participated in during remote learning. The school community was asked to recreate famous works of art using items found in their homes, family members and/or pets. The project was designed as a creative outlet for the students, staff and administrators to explore their feelings and imagination while during the quarantine.

Congratulations to all the talented student-artists who were featured in the virtual art shows and virtual art museum experience!