Shaw Avenue School’s third graders went on a whirlwind tour this December holiday season when they researched and shared how their families celebrate different holidays. The students completed a survey with the help of their parents and learned about their own unique family customs and traditions.

After they compiled their research, the students drafted beautiful essays titled "Home for the Holidays". They are decorating their essays with cover pages resembling their own homes. After completing their projects, the students shared their essays with classmates and learned that although they may celebrate differently, they have many traditions in common. The project was a great way to celebrate the holiday season and further the students’ understanding and appreciation of a variety of cultures.

Additionally, during the week of December 14th, the third graders coordinated a "Secret Pal" week. The students exchanged favorite books, and handmade treats and trinkets in the spirit of the season. They were especially eager to reveal their secret pal identity in letters to their classmates.