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A Bright Start to the 2019-2020 School Year

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Students in grades K-6 from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue elementary schools were welcomed back to school on Sept. 4. Building administrators, teachers and staff greeted the students as they entered their respective buildings, ready to take on a new year of learning opportunities and the district’s 2019-2020 theme, “Lift Every Voice.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Lewner visited each building to welcome both students and staff back. Throughout the day, students met their new teachers and classmates, unpacked and organized their school supplies and became acclimated to their new learning environment. Many classes also engaged in “getting to know you” activities and read books connecting to the first day of school.

“We are very excited to welcome back our students and families to the 2019-2020 school year,” said Dr. Stirling. “Valley Stream District 30 is where the love of learning begins. We are ready to Lift Every Voice!”