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Shaw Avenue Students Take Home Third Victory

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Twenty-four students from throughout the district put their math skills to the test by participating in the annual New York City NBA Math Hoops Tournament at the Barclays Center on May 4. For the third consecutive year, a team from Shaw Avenue School were crowned first place winners. Shaw Avenue sixth graders Christopher Duarte and Malik Waheed won in the final round against semi-finalists and their own Shaw Avenue peers Gabrielle Loadholt and Jose Pinto.

NBA Math Hoops is a fast-paced basketball board game that incorporates fundamental math skills through direct engagement from NBA and WNBA players with a curriculum tied to the Next Generation Learning Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills. The students were coached by their supportive teachers Timothy Rau from Clear Stream Avenue School, Christopher Onorato from Forest Road School and Andrew Canle from Shaw Avenue School. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling, along with building administrators, watched as the students displayed their talents and good sportsmanship. 

“This was both an amazing experience and accomplishment,” said Shaw Avenue Principal Dr. Alejandro Rivera. “I’m proud of all of the students as they worked hard to prepare for this tournament and represented their school and family with such a positive attitude. This is just another example of how the district and school exposes students to experiences that go far beyond the walls of the classroom. Next year we will go for four in a row!” 

Congratulations to Shaw Avenue School and to all the student participants from District 30! 

Clear Stream Avenue School:

Rafael Almonte
Ava Bolden
Allesta Castillo
Kayden Lambert
Victoria Linares 
Stephen LaTouche
Adaobi Okammelu
Emily Salazar

Forest Road School: 

Vania Bawla
Brady DelValle
Isabelle Dombrosky
Mania Ishtiaq
Mohammad Khan
Daniel Laurent
Malia Malik
Rayhan Ramnarine

Shaw Avenue School:

Sahana Benny 
Christopher Duarte
David Gonzalez 
Gabrielle Loadholt
Tameera Osmani 
Morgan Pajotte
Jose Pinto 
Malik Waheed