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Shaw Avenue Celebrates Earth Day Excitement

Shaw Avenue Celebrates Earth Day Excitement Photo thumbnail76423

Valley Stream District 30’s Shaw Avenue School celebrated Earth Day early with a special presentation on Friday, April 21. Students kicked off the weekend, during which people throughout the nation took time to honor and appreciate the environment, in a bright, impactful and upbeat way.

The entire second-grade provided an outstanding show that featured songs about the planet Earth and the importance of recycling. As a highlight, their singing performances were enhanced by a variety of musical instruments made out of recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, water bottles and other items. The students learned that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, they could construct guitars, drums, tambourines, maracas and more.

Dressed in blue and green attire, the group performed before an audience of kindergarten, first- and third-grade classes. They introduced each song with informative descriptions of their Earth Day messages as well as lessons about music.