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Kickoff to a Healthy Lifestyle

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In recognition of National Health and Fitness Month, Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School students and faculty members recently participated in a kickoff celebration to get students moving throughout the month of March.

Under the direction of the school’s Building Leadership Team, a group that plans events and supports academic and extra-curricular initiatives in the school, the kickoff featured cheerleaders who hyped up the crowd about eating healthy and staying fit. Students answered questions and took a chance at spinning a wheel to encourage performing a specific exercise.

The kickoff was a jump start to a continuation of progress for the school community. Students created calendars to track their progress in an effort to exercise their bodies and brains. During each Friday in March, students have the opportunity to win prizes for tracking how much they exercise and what healthy snacks they eat.

In addition, the school’s step team created a “Let’s Move” video and teachers have been encouraged to wear workout apparel throughout the month while exercising with their classes. The school plans to end March with a finale event filled with prizes and a teacher dance presentation to celebrate the progress made throughout the weeks.

“Eating nutritiously and exercising builds positive energy that translates into academic success,” said Principal John Singleton. “I would like to thank the Building Leadership Team for all of their hard work in making this the best kickoff ever.”