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Channeling Circus Skills

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As part of the district’s “Lets Move” initiative, Forest Road Elementary School students received the unique opportunity to learn from the National Circus Project during the week of Jan. 23 - 27. Sponsored by the PTA, the organization worked with students from all grade levels to showcase skills in the area of acrobatics, balancing, stilts, juggling, clown impressions and more.

To kick off the exciting week, the National Circus Project performed a show for all students on Jan. 23. All grade levels were provided with an opportunity to learn new skills during their scheduled physical education classes throughout the week and fifth and sixth graders then had the chance to work one-on-one with the performers in targeted workshops to hone their individual ability. Student choice was a driving force with children signing up for the particular circus acts that most suited their interests and talents.  

“The students are having a great time,” said Principal Erin Malone.

It had been a few years since the organization last visited Forest Road Elementary School and the PTA was excited to bring them back.

“Since we are focusing so much on keeping students active and moving, we thought this would be a great opportunity to bring the National Circus Project back,” said PTA Vice President of Programming Kenroy Woodley.

To celebrate a week of hard work and show off all that they had learned, the fifth and sixth graders performed their own circus show for family members on the night of Jan. 27.