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Excellence Awaits the Class of 2021

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After a year of unique challenges, the Valley Stream 30 sixth grade classes of 2021 at Clear Stream, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue were able to celebrate together one final time during in-person ceremonies held at Shaw Avenue school.

While each ceremony was unique to the individual classes, all included a video montage and wisdom and encouragement from members of the board of education, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling and building principals, John Singleton, Erin Malone and Chris Colarossi.

“Excellent is my favorite word,” Dr. Stirling said. “Being excellent or striving for excellence, is not reserved for any specific individual. Excellence does not know gender, race, background, wealth, country of origin. Excellence is for everyone. Try to be or aim for everything with the star being excellence…Congratulations Class of 2021, go forth and be excellent!”

Next up for the District 30 sixth graders, middle school!

Clear Stream Moving-Up


Forest Road Moving-Up

Shaw Moving Up