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Forest Road Students Embrace a “Can Do” Attitude

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Forest Road Elementary School students in Gabriella Cunzo, Lisa Freisem and Erica Jemmott’s classes proudly showcased their academic achievements during the school’s first “Yes I Can” Awards Ceremony on May 24. The special event was held virtually for families over Google Meet. It featured a collection of video clips of students in grades 3-6 talking about one goal that they have worked hard to achieve during the 2020-2021 school year. Some students then demonstrated how they successfully accomplished their goal.

The “Yes I Can” Awards Ceremony was a unique way to get students to reflect on their own academic growth and celebrate their academic success. A total of 20 students from all three of the classes participated.

“The ‘Yes I Can’ statement was created to show that no matter the challenges you face, if you set goals and push yourself, you are open to a world of possibilities where you can find the support you need to achieve your goals,” said Mrs. Cunzo. “Saying ‘yes I can’ means you are also saying the road may not be easy, but I will prevail.”

Through the video clips, both remote and in-person students shared their achievements. This included learning how to successfully solve word problems, how to use descriptive language in their writing, add, subtract and multiple numbers and more. Each student’s confidence shined through as they spoke about what they learned and put their goals into action. Following the video presentation, their peers were able to celebrate with them live on Google Meet. The ceremony also encouraged students to take the “Yes I Can” motto with them as they face new challenges in their everyday lives.

“The primary purpose of this event was for our students to showcase firsthand their goal-setting practices that support a learning culture,” said Director of Special Services Dr. Nicole Schimpf. “Goals can and do look very different from student to student. Being part of this special event was truly inspiring and it reminds us all that despite our personal challenges, we should all strive to be the best versions of ourselves.”

Due to its success this year, the Forest Road teachers plan to host another “Yes I Can” Awards Ceremony next year with their classes.