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Forest Road School Hosts Virtual Night of Family Fun

Forest Road Hosts Virtual Night of Family Fun Photo thumbnail179595
As a way to boost holiday spirit, students and their families from Forest Road School participated in the school’s virtual parent trivia night before the holiday recess. The Family Feud-themed event took place on Google Meet and many parents and children attended.

Throughout the evening, the Forest Road families were directed to 15 different Google Meet rooms which were hosted by surprise staff members such as Forest Road teacher Cathy Itri, Forest Road Principal Erin Malone, Assistant Principal Michael DeBlasio, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Lewner and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling.
Before the event, the school polled 100 district staff members with 15 holiday themed questions such as: What is a word or phrase that begins with snow? What is a gift one should never buy their spouse? What is something people start doing on Dec. 1? This resulted in the top five answers from each question, which were then used to score the submissions from each family.
This was not the first time that the school hosted a trivia night during the pandemic. Last spring, Forest Road staff hosted a trivia event based on pop culture.

“We found that a Parent Trivia Night, given how popular it was in the spring, is an amazing way to maintain a sense of connectedness during such a remote time in our lives,” said Forest Road teacher Christopher Onorato.

Congratulations to the following winning families: 

1st Place – The Gittens Family and the Fretel Family (tied) 
2nd Place – The Terry Family
3rd Place – The Gonzalez-Yazdpour Family