As part of Valley Stream District 30’s diverse curriculum, students from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue schools recently participated in lessons, activities and projects in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Throughout the month, students learned about Hispanic culture and influential historical figures through books and interactive lessons. They also celebrated through art and music. Kristen Princiotta’s class at Shaw Avenue School created Guatemalan Worry Dolls. According to legend, Guatemalan children tell their worries to the Worry Dolls, placing them under a pillow when they go to bed at night. By morning the dolls gift them with the wisdom and knowledge to eliminate their worries. Some students in the district also created Mexican sun designs in art class and learned more about Hispanic artists. Music teachers incorporated Hispanic culture and traditions into their lessons as well. This included having students create recycled maracas using cardboard tubes filled with rice, singing various Hispanic songs and learning different dances such as the salsa, the Mexican rondo dance, “La Raspa” and three-part folk dance, “Los Machetes.”

To conclude Hispanic Heritage Month, Clear Stream Avenue School hosted its annual Hispanic Heritage Night event to celebrate Hispanic culture, customs and traditions. The event was held virtually at the end of October and featured work from students throughout the school. Clear Stream Avenue students were encouraged to create an original piece of artwork that represents Latin culture or a Latin country, create a Google slide about a Latin country or famous Latin American person, or make a short video showcasing a talent or interviewing a person of Latin descent.