Please be advised that Valley Stream District 30 has upgraded its communication system, including telephones, intercom and public address system throughout the district in an effort to improve communication, particularly for health and safety purposes, in the event of an emergency. Updated phone numbers can be found in the district calendar. Below are the primary numbers to reach your respective building in the district:

Central Office: 434-3600
Clear Stream Avenue: 434-3550 auto attendant, 3551 or 3552 for main office
Shaw Avenue: 434-3700 auto attendant, 3701 or 3702 for main office
Forest Road: 434-3800 auto attendant, 3801 or 3802 for main office

We hope that you find the new system easy to use when contacting administration or other staff members. Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and we look forward to our students’ return on September 4.

Bellow please find guidelines for parents regarding use of this new system.