To Parents/Guardians of Students who attend Nonpublic Schools,

There is a potential situation involving two of our transportation vendors, Baumann & Sons and ACME Bus Company (collectively ‘Companies’). Our district, as well as many others on Long Island, contracts with them to transport a number of our students, including your child(ren), to and from non-public schools each day.  If you haven’t been alerted already via local news, there is a potential for the workers of both Companies to strike beginning Thursday, September 10th

The Companies reported to the District that they have been in negotiations since before May and are currently meeting to help resolve their differences.  They have communicated to the District that they are committed to the mediation process and have another meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th and are hopeful that a resolution can be achieved.

While we are hopeful that a strike will not occur based on this recent information, the District felt it important to alert you in the event transportation ceases on Thursday.  In the short term, you may need to arrange to transport your child to and from school.  The District is also working with other bus companies to explore alternatives in the event of a long term strike.

Please be assured that in the event of a strike, you will be notified via phone.  Information will also be posted in the announcements section of the District’s website homepage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Assistant Superintendent for Business Lisa Rutkoske at (516) 434-3600 ext 5224 or 5225.