Students Practice Fire Safety

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Kindergarten students from Clear Stream Avenue and Shaw Avenue elementary schools celebrated Fire Prevention Week with a visit to Engine Company 4 of the Valley Stream Fire Department on Oct. 7. Classes walked to the firehouse where they were warmly greeted by firefighters who taught them all about fire safety and what to do in an emergency situation. 

The kindergartners went into a smokehouse where they learned about the importance of smoke detectors and what they should do when one goes off in their house. With the help of ex-captain Rick Skellington, former fire chief Ron Garofalo and firefighters Fred Gless and Bill Kupfer, each student learned how to stop, drop and roll and climb out of a window in an emergency situation. They also explored the firetrucks and learned more about the gear that firefighters wear to protect themselves. 

Students visit the firehouse each year to learn these important fire safety tips. According to the firefighters, it is rewarding to see the students put into practice what they learned.

“We love to hear the success stories and know that they listened to what we taught them,” said Mr. Gless.