District 30 Appoints New Administrators and Staff

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During Valley Stream District 30’s board of education meeting on June 17, six faculty members were appointed in their respective positions. Familiar faces to the district included teachers Andrew Canlé, Tara Masterson, Gabriella Valdes and Ashley Leimsider. Mr. Canle was appointed as assistant principal of Shaw Avenue School, Ms. Masterson and Ms. Leimsider were appointed as elementary teachers and Ms. Valdes was appointed as a general special education teacher. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling officially shared the recent appointment of new Shaw Avenue Elementary School Principal Christopher Colarossi with the community. Mr. Colarossi was appointed during a recent board of education work session. 

The board also welcomed two new staff members to the District 30 family. Lisa Bernstein was appointed as a remedial reading teacher and Karen Glynn was appointed as a general special education teacher. Dr. Nicholas Stirling praised each of the appointees on their new roles in the district.