Students Support the Arts with Fitness Fundraiser

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Shaw Avenue Elementary School students put on their running shoes for the school’s Boosterthon Fun Run to help raise money for Shaw Avenue’s performing arts program on April 9. Coordinated by the Shaw Avenue PTA, students from grades K-6 were encouraged to get friends and families to pledge with donations going towards new stage equipment.

With the support of Boosterthon team members, students walked and ran with their classes outside during the school day. Shaw Avenue PTA members and parent volunteers provided water to keep students hydrated as they ran an average of 30-35 laps around the Boosterthon Speedway. 

Throughout the two-week fundraising period, classes created their own flags to be displayed during the event and focused on important character traits. Among the many lessons that the fundraiser spotlighted, students learned about the power of teamwork, integrity and growth mindset. They also received fun incentives for completing fundraising missions. 

Students will continue raising money towards the cause until today, April 16. If the school hits their goal of $13,000, Principal Dr. Alejandro Rivera and Assistant Principal Christopher Colarossi plan on being slimed by students.