Students Share Their Art With The Community

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Thirty students from throughout the district were recently invited to showcase their artwork at the Sip This Café, a coffee shop in Valley Stream. District art specialists Paul Farinacci, Leslie Freiberg and Colette Giardella selected creations made by talented student-artists from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue schools to display at the exhibit.  

The outstanding work demonstrated a diversity of ideas taught within District 30’s visual arts program. This included students using a variety of materials and media such as drawing, painting, pastels, mixed-media, sculpture and 3-D works. A dedication to the integration of the arts with other subjects like literacy, history, science and technology, provided inspiration for many of the pieces.  

The young artists’ received high praises from members of the community who visited the exhibition. The district congratulates all the students who participated and generously shared their designs for all to see.