Shaw Avenue Student Scores Spot in NBA Math Hoops National Championship

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Shelby Osborne, a sixth-grader from Shaw Avenue Elementary School was recently selected as one of 16 students from throughout the country to participate in the 2019 NBA Math Hoops National Championship weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area from May 10-12. The Math Hoops program allows students to learn fundamental math skills through an engaging board game using the real statistics of NBA and WNBA players. 

Since 2017, the Golden State Warriors have partnered with Learn Fresh Education Co. to host the National Championship. National Math Hoops participants will sign a one day contract with the Warriors, meet other students from around the country and engage in outdoor activities. They will also learn from the Warrior’s statistics analyst about real plays and how math applies in a basketball game. In addition, all students will put their NBA Math Hoops skills to the test in a 2 vs. 2 Math Hoops National Championship tournament.

Shelby, a member of Shaw Avenue School’s Math Hoops team, applied for a spot in the National Championship. To enter, she submitted a video about what the experience would mean to her, bravely sharing her personal story of losing her mother just last year and overcoming the tragedy. Upon hearing that she was selected for the all expenses paid trip to participate in the NBA Math Hoops National Championship, Shelby was shocked. 

“I am very excited,” she said. “I didn’t think I would get it because they were only choosing 16 people.” 

With the guidance of NBA Math Hoops coach and teacher Andrew Canle, Shaw Avenue School has been successful in the annual New York City NBA Math Hoops tournament each year. The school has won the first place title two years in a row. Mr. Canle praised Shelby for taking the NBA Math Hoops title up to the next level. 

 “I think she had huge shoes to fill and she was able to make the shoe size even larger,” he said.  

Principal Dr. Alejandro Rivera also praised Shelby for the tremendous achievement and commended Mr. Canle for exposing students to the NBA Math Hoops program. He explained that being selected for the competition was not just about the game of Math Hoops but also focused on a student’s learning, connection to school and life. 

“For Shelby, she was able to bring a real life experience which was unfortunately a tragedy and work to make it a positive in her life,” said Dr. Rivera. “By doing so, she told a story about perseverance, commitment and dedication to her family which ultimately are the type of values that we want to instill in children.” 

Congratulations, Shelby! We are so proud of you!