Clear Stream Students Get Moving in March

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Clear Stream Avenue School students kicked off “Movement March” with a Pennies for Patients assembly and video presentation on March 6. The special month, which is not only about staying fit, also encourages students to make a difference in the community to help others get healthy.

Students and staff gathered in the school gymnasium to hear from Keri Stein, Pennies for Patients campaign manager. Ms. Stein spoke about giving back with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Pennies for Patients program. The organization’s mission is to find a cure for childhood blood cancers. Led by the student council, Clear Stream Avenue School participates in the program each year. Last year, students and staff worked together and raised more than $3,000 to go toward the cause. Principal John Singleton hopes to surpass that number this year. 

“One of the things that we love to do in March is give back,” he said. “Clear Stream has always been a community that gives back to the outside community so that we can all benefit as a society.” 

Ms. Stein spoke about heroes, noting that patients are her heroes. She also educated students on the important jobs that red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets play in a person’s body and spoke about what these look like in someone who is sick. Students learned about the important people that support patients, ranging from doctors to family members. Ms. Stein grouped these individuals into a “Hero Squad” and encouraged students to join the team. Each student received a Pennies for Patients box to collect donations. Ms. Stein told students that every penny counts and offered suggestions on how to raise money such as helping around the house.

“What seems like a small amount of change can really make a big change when we work together,” she said.  
After the presentation, Mr. Singleton shared a video created by sixth-grader Adaobi Okammelu. The video highlighted exercises that students could do to stay active during the month. Each Friday, students will be encouraged to wear a specific color and fill out a healthy choices raffle ticket, documenting the choices they made that week. One student from each class will then be chosen as a winner. To end the presentation on a high note, a jump romp contest took place between custodian Johnathan Stampfl and third-grader Joy Murray. Students cheered as they both showed off their skills, getting the whole school ready for a month of fun and fitness.