Second-Graders Prepare to Host Living Museum

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Forest Road Elementary School second-graders in Joanna Eckert’s class recently began a creative hands-on biography project in preparation for their living museum, which will take place once the projects are complete. The event will allow other classes, families and administrators to learn more about the historical individuals that the students have been studying through memorized speeches and handmade puppets.

Each student picked an influential figure and conducted research on their person’s accomplishments and obstacles. They then completed a graphic organizer with their findings, wrote a speech and created a puppet of their chosen person. 

Students picked figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Walt Disney. On Feb. 8, the students finished their speeches, which was a first person narrative biography, with the information that they obtained through reading and research. Ms. Eckert reviewed each student’s writing as they prepared to memorize their speeches.
The class also began working on their puppets with the help of Forest Road PTA member and parent Natalie Cange and STEAM aide Deborah Thomas. Using a paper bag, students were able to pick basic materials such as felt, cloth, buttons, foil and construction paper to create their puppet. Each student designed their puppet with symbols representing the person they are exploring. The class is looking forward to sharing their projects with the school community.