Students Journey Through China for Lunar New Year

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Third-graders at Shaw Avenue Elementary School celebrated Lunar New Year with a variety of hands-on activities on Feb. 7. Students were encouraged to wear red for the celebration, a color symbolizing good luck in China, as they participated in crafts connected to the holiday.

The four classes rotated during the day to different classrooms where they created paper lanterns in honor of China’s lantern festival, cut and assembled their own paper fortune cookies, created red paper dragons, learned how to speak Chinese and write their names in Chinese. The third-grade teachers facilitated the activities by providing background knowledge on each craft and how it connected to China. Prior to the celebration, the third-graders learned more about the country itself and China’s flag. 

After completing all the activities, the third-graders celebrated with Chinese food and a movie. The special day allowed Shaw Avenue students to better understand the Chinese culture and appreciate diversity.