Home for the Holidays

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Clear Stream Avenue School sixth-grader Zuri Cameron received the surprise of her life when her father, United States Army Staff Sergeant Charles Cameron, popped into her classroom before the holiday recess, returning from a year-long deployment. Zuri knew her father would be coming home later that day but the last thing she expected was to see him walk into her classroom during a lesson. She screamed in delight and immediately jumped into her father’s arms. 

“It was exciting,” said Zuri. “It was nice to be able to see him because I haven’t seen him since last year.” 

The much anticipated reunion was just as exciting and memorable for Mr. Cameron, who has served in the army for the past 16 years. 

“It felt amazing,” he said. “I even cried a little bit. It was definitely a blessing and perfect to be able to see her.” 

Overjoyed at the reunion and as a way to thank Mr. Cameron for his service, Clear Stream Avenue School Principal John Singleton picked up a special lunch for the two and together, Zuri and her father were able to catch up and enjoy their meal during Zuri’s lunch period. 

Thank you, Mr. Cameron for your service!