Talking Tech in Physical Education Class

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Physical education teachers Kerry Brady and Peter Hansen at Forest Road School are embracing the district’s 2018-2019 theme of the year “You and MEdia” by incorporating technology into their lessons. This includes integrating fitness videos, apps and more into their lessons for students in grades K-6 to learn from and follow along with. 

As a warm up, classes learn yoga forms through the YouTube channel Cosmic Kids Yoga. They also utilize iPads in the gymnasium and in small groups, exercise along with the app Sworkit Kids. The students copy the demonstrations on the app which tackle strength, agility and flexibility in a fun way. In the older grade levels, classes sometimes watch videos before starting a new unit to give them a better understanding of the sport or activity that they are about to learn. For example, older students watched a video about the Olympics before beginning their volleyball unit, allowing students to get a better idea of the sport before diving into the basics. 

Like many classes in the district, the physical education teachers are also getting involved with FlipGrid. The video discussion platform allows the teachers to create and post videos of their classes doing different lessons and games. These short videos get uploaded to a private FlipGrid account for the students to access at home or anywhere they would like. Brady and Hansen are looking to expand on video and get the students more involved this year. They are hoping to have older students film their own videos and transform them into games for younger peers to follow. This year, Forest Road School will also host its annual student vs. teacher basketball game which Brady and Hansen said they plan to once again stream live for all the students in the building to enjoy from the comfort of their own classrooms.