Board Honors Six Outstanding Teachers

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During the district’s regular board of education meeting on Nov. 26, the board approved Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling’s nomination for six outstanding faculty members to pass through gate. Gate is a unique district-wide process which examines a teacher as they move through their years in the district. It allows the administrators to take a closer look as to what is happening inside the classroom and reward those teachers with excellent progress the opportunity to move to the next salary range. 

Faculty gate appointees included Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School teachers Sandra Aragona and Nivia Dougherty, Forest Road Elementary School English as a Second Language teacher Consuelo Fusaro and Shaw Avenue Elementary School teachers Cynthia Arena, Margaret Lauro and Karin-Lise Savino. Building principals praised their respective faculty members on being an asset to their school community, students and the district, while Dr. Stirling congratulated the group on being exceptional leaders and teachers. 

“All of the teachers this evening, without a doubt, are skilled in their instructional practice,” he said. “Each one is different and diverse in terms of how they teach the curriculum but all of them have the same goal in mind of really trying to meet the needs of every child in their class. I find joy seeing that consistency across this district.”