Singing Praises for the Board of Education

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Members of Valley Stream District 30’s Board of Education were commended during the district’s annual Board Appreciation Night on Oct. 29. Hosted by Clear Stream Avenue School, the school’s building administration, students, staff and PTA shared a tribute to Digital Citizenship as part of their board appreciation presentation. The evening coincided with District 30’s theme of the year, You and MEdia.

Clear Stream Avenue Assistant Principal Yannie Chon welcomed the board, central administration, families and community members to the special event which followed with a TFS (The Friendly Schools) Talk, inspired by TED Talks. Fifth-graders Christopher Brockington, Alanna Bolden, Lillian Petrone and Dylan Robinson showcased their impressive public speaking skills as they shared their school experiences, the important concepts they have learned and thanked the board of education for their support. Principal John Singleton also thanked the board of education while asking audience members to reflect on what Valley Stream District 30 means to them. Using the digital program Poll Everywhere, audience members texted one word that they believed described the district. Words such as caring, encouraging, great, innovative, progressive and wonderful popped up on the projection screen in the front of the room.  

“These words describe our staff members, our custodians, our secretaries, our teacher assistants, our administrators and most of all, they describe our board of education,” said Singleton. 

Students throughout the district participated in a similar activity which was filmed into a video for the board describing what “The Friendly Schools” means to them. Clear Stream Avenue School also created a video which featured interviews with students talking about the board of education and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling’s role in the district. They concluded the video with classes thanking the board for the educational resources used every day for learning. 

Led by music teacher Stephanie Cooke, Clear Stream’s third-grade chorus showed their gratitude towards the board by performing, “Thank You,” while holding digital/social media icons. Singleton, Chon and PTA president Erica Petrone presented gifts to each board member before Dr. Stirling expressed his own appreciation for the exceptional work that the board does on a daily basis.

“We are the Friendly Schools because our board cares,” said Dr. Stirling.  

Following the presentation, the board and community enjoyed a reception with refreshments and cake provided by the Clear Stream Avenue PTA.