Super Students Showcase Their Inner Hero

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Dressed in superhero masks, capes and costumes, second grade students at Shaw Avenue School presented their show "The Extraordinary League of the Super Value Friends” on May 23. Two performances took place in the school’s auditorium for family members, staff and students to enjoy. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. RG France were also in attendance to see the students shine. 

Assistant Principal Christopher Colarossi kicked off the event by welcoming the audience and highlighting how the production supports Valley Stream District 30’s theme, “Show Your Character,” along with social emotional learning initiatives. 

“This production celebrates some messages that we have been communicating all year long and that’s building character here at Shaw Avenue,” said Colarossi. “That means building kindness, respect, care and motivation. These are words that we have been living by throughout the whole year as we have developed our superhero.” 

With the help of second grade teachers Amanda Critelli, Jeanine Lichter, Susan Lipski and Victoria Umpornpun, along with music teachers Stephanie Cooke, Stephanie Fischer and Sarah Quiroz, the students showcased their acting and singing abilities with a superhero storyline about respecting oneself and finding your own character. Art teacher Paul Farinacci and parents support with set design and costumes also helped bring the production to life. 

The students played characters such as Captain Acceptance, The Caring Sisters, Kindness Kid, Respecto Man, Incredible Peace, Dr. Responsibility and main character Super Friend, who gets involved with the wrong crowd. Bullies included characters such as Rude Gal, Toxic Bully, The Dictator and Diversity Diva. Second-graders portrayed their positive messages through their acting skills, two creative videos and songs about responsibility, peace, respect and character and received a round of applause with their final bow.