Student Writers Honored for Noteworthy Narratives

Student Writers Honored for Noteworthy Narratives thumbnail95926
Two students from Shaw Avenue School were recently selected as winners in the Nassau Reading Council Young Author’s Writing Contest. Second-grader Alexander Mazalkov from Victoria Umpornpun’s class and sixth-grader Hannah Mejia from Steven Navarra’s class were chosen based on their excellent personal narrative submissions and will be honored among approximately 40 winners at an awards ceremony on June 4 in the theatre at the Wilbur Arts Center at Molloy College. 

Approximately 90 schools from throughout Nassau County participated in the writing contest with almost 600 students from grades K-12. Mazalkov is one of only three winners at the second-grade level who was recognized for his narrative, “My Last Day on the Happy Island.” In his piece, Mazalkov wrote about a water motorcycle ride with his father during a trip to Aruba. Mejia was recognized as one of four winners at the sixth-grade level for her narrative, “Perspective.” In her writing, Mejia reflected on her trip to Honduras that her mother sent her on one summer after she was not behaving in the best way possible. Being in Honduras and seeing how people lived there, specifically how children her age lived, changed how she viewed her own life.

During the award ceremony, each winner will have the opportunity to read their personal narrative and receive an anthology which will include all of the winning entries.  

“I was very proud of the students who won,” said Navarra, a member of the Nassau Reading Council who introduced the contest to the school. “This was the first year that Shaw Avenue participated in the contest and I was excited to bring something I enjoy to the district and school. We had eight sixth-graders participate from my class and one second-grader that participated from Ms. Umpornpun’s class, so it was especially nice to see that some students not only participated, but also got recognized as winners!”