Spotlight Shines on Black History Month

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In honor of Black History Month, Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School students recently learned about famed baseball player Jackie Robinson and different African folktales through two productions from the Bright Star Touring Theatre.

The “Jackie Robinson” performance taught students about Robinson’s important role in integrating professional sports, from scoring his first home run to overcoming bullying without fighting back. The second performance, “African Folktales,” highlighted various stories through two African griots, also known as storytellers, who engaged students in sing-alongs, world cultures and traditions. Folktales ranged from why spiders have long legs, to the story of the elephant and giraffe. 

During both shows students were encouraged to participate as they learned more about African American achievers and culture. This is one of the many ways that Clear Stream Avenue School has celebrated the contributions of African Americans, in addition to participating in various activities and events both in the classroom and school-wide.