District Highlights New World Language Curriculum

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During the district’s Board of Education meeting on Nov. 27, the school community heard from Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. RG France, Clear Stream Avenue Principal John Singleton, and teachers Danielle Bonaccorso and Ilissa Epstein about the World Language curriculum implemented for students to grow into culturally responsive individuals. 

The group presented to the board and the community on how music, technology and social emotional learning exercises has challenged students to explore another language in preparation for reaching middle school and high school. 

They also spoke about how the district is using student-centered activities to build upon students’ basic foreign language fluency as well as an appreciation for various cultures and customs. Music classes are incorporating songs from other countries and students can participate in a 21st Century Learning Club where they utilize technology with a World Language Exploration application. Students are challenged to complete foreign language assignments each day based on the language they are interested in to increase their skills. 

In addition, Dr. France introduced how the district will be incorporating foreign language into social-emotional learning with a Feeling Curriculum. With the help of songs in Spanish that reinforce social-emotional skills and the utilization of two sets of flash cards in both English and Spanish that help identify emotions, students are empowered to describe a full range of emotions.