Clear Stream Combats Bullying with Box Out Bullying Assembly

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Students at Clear Stream Avenue School tackled the importance of empathy and the issue of bullying with a visit from the interactive, award-winning and research-based Box Out Bullying program on Nov. 13.

Classes gathered in the school gymnasium where Jerry, played by Jeremy Rubenstein, founder and creative director of Box Out Bullying, and Tom, played by Leonard Rose, performed an interactive show containing clear and consistent messages about bystander empowerment, addressing potential problems and creating empathy. 

Through humorous characters, the students learned important messages such as recognizing the difference between a conflict and bullying situation and ways to maintain positive school culture. Students were encouraged to participate in the performance and were called up on stage to take part in a “Game Show.” They answered questions that reinforced the lessons that were introduced during the assembly. 

Every student left the gymnasium with important tools and insight to empower them to be upstanders, not bystanders to incidents of bullying. 

“We make sure that students learn by seeing, listening and doing,” said Rubenstein. “It’s much more effective in message retention.” 

In addition, Rubenstein and Rose visited classrooms throughout the building to teach students how to solve conflicts on their own. The students learned how to be kind to one another, show each other empathy and maintain peace.