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Students at Clear Stream Avenue School received a big surprise on Sept. 29 as they gathered in the school’s gymnasium for a school-wide motivational assembly provided by STATE Bags and Senator Todd Kaminsky.

For every STATE bag purchased, a STATE backpack filled with essential tools for success is given to an American student. The organization travels across the country and conducts “bag drops,” where they deliver the backpacks to schools and host an interactive assembly with energetic emcees and a DJ.

The assembly opened on a high note as classes danced to the music and were introduced to the two emcees. Throughout the event, students were encouraged to answer questions and participate in activities to gain points for the school. They cheered on their fellow peers and heard inspiring messages about believing in yourself, following your dreams and being a role model to others.  

“This is a wonderful way to inspire young people and to encourage them to reach their goals,” said Principal John Singleton. “The stories that the performers recounted resonated with the children as well as the teachers and created a positive energy source that will sustain us for a very long time.”

Once the school received 3,000 points, the students were surprised with their big prize. A STATE backpack was given to every student and one by one, each had their bags filled with goodies including socks, a coloring book, the game “Silly Street” and a letter from Senator Kaminsky.

STATE Bags founder Scot Tatelman spoke with the students after they received their backpacks and explained their significance.

“It’s called a Give Backpack,” he said. “The reason why it’s called a Give Backpack is because every time you put this on, you think about the responsibility that you are carrying. Think about how you can better yourself, better your community and better the world.”

The students celebrated their new backpacks with their peers as the DJ continued playing music and classes exited the gymnasium.

“I am inspired by the tremendous work and generosity of STATE Bags, and am so thankful that they took the time to speak to our students about the impact they can have when they decide to pursue their dreams,” said Senator Kaminsky. “I hope that the students walked away from the rally knowing that they can do whatever they put their minds to, and that the backpack they received will serve them well in their journey to success.”

Clear Stream Avenue School is grateful to STATE Bags and to Senator Kaminsky for sharing this experience with students and staff.