Shaw Students Hold a Magical Performance

Shaw Students Hold a Magical Performance Photo thumbnail78827

Third grade students at Shaw Avenue School recently performed three shows of their production, “The Wizard of Oz” for their peers and family members.

Under the direction of teachers Stephanie Fischer, Jacqueline Capewell and Victoria Umpornpun, along with parent volunteer Sandra Proto, the students used their imaginations to play characters such as Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow, among others. Third-graders Natalie Cajal and Alanna Cassiano shared the role of Dorothy, while Talia Eugene represented Toto. Nicholas Bravata served the role of Scarecrow, Seth Abrahams played the Tin Man, Joel Moronta portrayed the Lion, Hallie Reid played Glinda and Anjali Khan played the Wicked Witch. 

The musical provided an opportunity for the students to utilize reading strategies and comprehension of text and practice skills for performance, social situations such as improvisation and teamwork. Performers were consulted on all aspects of the show, including script blocking, musical decisions, awareness of emotions, expression, scenery, costumes and props. 

To align with the district’s "Let's Move" initiative this year, movement exploration and choreographed dancing were added to enrich the performance and allowed for collaboration among directors, actors and stage crew. 

Additional assistance was offered by staff members Jackie Johnson, Stefan Debler, and Paul Farinacci.

Great job to the cast and crew on a fantastic show!